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Discount Coupons – The Runaway method to sell your event

However great your product may be, you have to agree that everyone loves a discount. It’s the excitement of getting a deal that makes people all the more interested in it. Actually, the same goes for selling your event tickets as well. There are so many new potential avenues and audience that you can target once you open up to the field of discount coupons.

And, at Eventzilla, there is so much more that you can do apart from just creating your coupons:


  • Create as many different coupons as you want. Be it a student’s discount, membership discount, group registration, returning customer or anything else that seems fit to you.
  • Create Coupon codes for your events and promote and distribute them online through mails, twitter, Facebook.
  • Measure the sales from the various coupons and the different channels on which you promote them.

Promotion of businesses and events through online coupons has shown a tremendous pace of growth in the recent years. The same can be gauged from the fact that the business from the coupons showed an increase of 140% in 2008 over the previous year.

Add to this the fact that with Eventzilla you can segment your coupons to target specific audience and we all know what a little personal attention can result in.

Eventzilla Team

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