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Searching for an Eventbrite Alternative? A Comprehensive Review of Eventzilla vs. Eventbrite for Seamless Event Management

More event managers are searching for a robust alternative to Eventbrite for managing events. With this in-depth review, we dive into the comparison between Eventzilla and Eventbrite, exploring their features and functionalities to help you make an informed decision for successful event management.

Event organizers have been on the hunt for an Eventbrite alternative for years. Either due to their cross-promotional tactics that bug attendees or the lack of an attendee app for greater engagement, there are many reasons for finding something more robust.

Many have been flocking to Cvent as an alternative, that is before looking at their pricing and realizing it’s a noncontender for most. If you’re not willing to break the bank, there’s Eventzilla.

Eventzilla and Eventbrite are two prominent event management software platforms that offer a range of features to streamline the event planning process - but which one comes out on top? Selecting the right software solution is crucial for achieving success in event organization. In this article, we will conduct a comprehensive comparison between Eventzilla and Eventbrite, focusing on the numerous advantages of each to help you make an informed decision.

Eventbrite vs. Eventzilla User-Friendliness and Navigation

When it comes to user-friendliness and navigation, there’s no real winner. Both platforms are well designed with an intuitively designed interface. Navigating through both platforms is a breeze, allowing event organizers to effortlessly access the necessary tools and functionalities. However, there were moments where I felt lost trying to find basic customizable features in Eventbrite - more on that later.

When you first sign up for Eventbrite, you’re walked through a well designed interactive checklist with options for a variety of events and company sizes. However, it doesn’t seem like this five minute quiz actually changes the interface in any way. You’re brought to the same screen to set up your event no matter what.

There’s little difference in the event creation basics between the two platforms, but you’ll be pleased to find the option of Hybrid Events on Eventzilla, and a more robust Online Events section. Virtual events have always felt like an afterthought on Eventbrite.

Eventzilla's in-person events have a helpful Hotel’s Nearby feature giving it a leg-up for planning corporate events with out-of-town visitors.

Eventbrite vs. Eventzilla User-Friendliness and Navigation

Furthermore, Eventzilla offers a seamless user experience by incorporating unique features that simplify the event management process, ensuring smooth operations from start to finish.

Key takeaways:

  • You’re not going to find a great deal of difference in the user-friendliness, but it’s clear Eventzilla is laid out in a way that’s catered to a professional event manager starting with event basics and allowing for greater functionality for the advanced user.

Eventbrite vs. Eventzilla Customization Options

Both Eventzilla and Eventbrite offer customization options for event landing pages and confirmation emails. However, Eventzilla stands out by providing extensive customization capabilities that enable organizers to tailor their event pages to reflect their brand identity.

How do I customize Eventbrite emails?

Marketers understand the need for every touchpoint being carefully crafted with opportunity for engaging the attendees further. That being said, Eventbrite email customization is simply lacking. At the moment, confirmation emails cannot be edited in Eventbrite and they’re determined based on your ticket type. Eventzilla emails are highly customizable, including a fully editable confirmation email to allow you to determine every part of the customer journey.

How do I customize Eventbrite emails?

Eventbrite allows you to send up to 250 promotional emails per day, with the option of paying to overcome the limit. With Eventzilla, event organizers can import their contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Excel sheets and send custom email invites to 1000 contacts for free.

From an Endless Events study in 2018, 40% of event marketers believe email marketing is the most effective channel for promoting an event, so if email marketing is important to you (and it should be), this is something to consider.

Get more from your event landing page

The customizable event landing page feature offered by Eventzilla also sets it apart from Eventbrite, providing event organizers with a powerful tool to create a visually appealing and highly personalized online presence. With Eventzilla, you have full control over the fonts, colors, and order of content blocks, making it a great overall event website builder. This level of customization allows you to align the page with your branding, creating a cohesive and engaging experience for your attendees right from the start.

Get more from your event landing page

If you’re attending an event hosted on Eventbrite, you know exactly what the event page will look like. They’re all the same. The new Agenda and FAQ sections are a nice touch, but you’ll never fully escape the Eventbrite branding with their landing pages. For professional events, this just isn’t an option.

Custom content blocks

Fully customize your page with new content blocks. Having the ability to move sections like your agenda, speakers, and all other content is a gamechanger from the prebuilt Eventbrite pages. Other sections include who should attend, what to expect, and key takeaways, with the option to create and rename blocks in any way you like.

Whether you want to highlight important details, emphasize key speakers or sponsors, or create a specific aesthetic, the flexibility provided by Eventzilla empowers you to do so. This level of customization helps in creating a lasting impression and generates excitement among your target audience, increasing the likelihood of registrations and attendance.

Key takeaway:

  • Eventzilla allows for a level of personalization that creates a memorable and engaging experience for attendees. Your marketing team will thank you for the brand cohesion.

Eventbrite vs. Eventzilla Ticketing and Pricing:

Both platforms offer free event listing for free events, but let’s look at some of the premium features and pricing. There are key differences in ticketing options and event platform pricing between Eventzilla and Eventbrite, as well as the unique discounts offered by Eventzilla for non-profit organizations.

Eventzilla Takes on Eventbrite ticket pricing plans

When organizing events, one important factor to consider is the pricing structure of these platforms. Here's a comparison chart showcasing the pricing differences between Eventzilla and Eventbrite for various ticket prices:

*The prices provided in this table were sourced from online resources available at the time of writing and may be outdated.

Eventzilla offers two pricing tiers, namely Eventzilla PRO and Eventzilla PLUS. The prices listed in the chart represent the fees charged by Eventzilla per ticket sold for each pricing tier. For instance, if you are selling a $50 ticket using Eventzilla PRO, you will be charged $2.25 per ticket.

On the other hand, Eventbrite is a separate platform with its own pricing structure. Similar to Eventzilla, the prices listed in the chart for Eventbrite represent the fees charged by Eventbrite per ticket sold.

From the comparison, it is evident that the pricing for Eventzilla tends to be slightly lower than that of Eventbrite across all ticket prices. Eventzilla's PRO tier generally offers the lowest fees, making it an attractive option for event organizers looking to minimize costs.

Eventbrite Nonprofit Pricing - there isn’t any

Why doesn’t Eventbrite offer better pricing for non-profits? It’s unclear. They claim their tools and functions are more than enough to recoup costs, but small charity organizers understand this isn’t an option and upfront costs are often so high. It’s strange that nonprofits should be hit with additional costs of their event software.

Here's a comparison chart highlighting the discounted prices offered by Eventzilla for non-profits events, alongside the regular prices of Eventzilla and Eventbrite:

* The prices provided in this table were sourced from online resources available at the time of writing and may be outdated.

In the chart, the prices listed under Eventzilla PRO (Non-Profit) reflect the discounted rates specifically offered to non-profit organizations. These discounted prices are lower than the regular prices of Eventzilla PRO for all ticket prices. For example, with a $50 ticket, Eventzilla PRO charges non-profits $1.70 per ticket, resulting in a 50% savings compared to Eventbrite's fee of $3.64.

The significant savings provided by Eventzilla PRO for non-profit organizations make it an appealing choice for non-profits and charities looking to host events while keeping costs low.

Eventzilla's commitment to supporting non-profits by offering discounted rates sets it apart from Eventbrite, which does not provide any specific discounts for non-profit or charitable organizations. If you’re looking for eventbrite alternatives for nonprofits, Eventzilla is a platform worth considering.

Who wins for the best event ticketing platforms?

Both Eventbrite and Eventzilla offer Free Ticket Registration, Paid Ticket Registration, and even Donations. This is great because organizers tailor their ticketing options to meet the specific needs of their event. Whether it's offering free registrations to attract a broader audience, selling paid tickets to generate revenue, accepting donations for charitable causes

Eventzilla comes out on top with the added Merchandise and Add-on features, offering event organizers greater flexibility for selling tickets online.

Instant Access to Event Revenues

In addition to the extensive ticketing options, one of Eventzilla's most crucial features is the Instant Payouts which sets it apart from Eventbrite, and many other event platforms. With Eventzilla, organizers can receive their funds instantly through trusted payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Eventzilla Payments. This fast and reliable payout system eliminates the waiting period that event organizers often face with Eventbrite payments.

By providing instant access to funds, Eventzilla enables organizers to manage their event finances more efficiently, ensuring cash flow for necessary event expenses and allowing for better financial planning. This feature proves particularly beneficial for event organizers who require immediate access to funds and cannot afford delays in receiving their event revenues.

Who do I contact for Customer Support?

The availability of phone and live chat support from Eventzilla, operating from 8 am to 10 pm EST, offers event organizers invaluable assistance and peace of mind throughout their event planning journey.

Unlike Eventbrite, which limits support options for free events to self-help resources and email support for select issues, Eventzilla goes the extra mile by providing direct channels for immediate assistance.

Who do I contact for Customer Support?

With phone support, organizers can speak directly with a knowledgeable representative who can address their questions, concerns, and technical issues in real-time. There are several G2 testimonials praising Eventzilla’s customer support, which is worth noting if you’re running a more comprehensive event that may need technical assistance.

They also have helpful tech support. I ran into an issue with the payment processing using Stripe, and they responded in a few hours and worked through it with me
Best features per dollar and great customer support

The significance of Eventzilla's dedicated customer support becomes even more evident when comparing the support offerings for paid events on Eventbrite. While paid events on Eventbrite gain access to 24/7 chat support, it is worth noting that Eventzilla's phone and live chat support are available for both free and paid events. This inclusive approach ensures that all event organizers, regardless of the ticket pricing, receive the same level of support and assistance. The convenience of having phone and live chat support readily available contributes to a smoother event planning process, quicker issue resolution, and enhanced overall satisfaction for Eventzilla users.

What Eventbrite is Missing: Event Management Features for True Professionals

Eventbrite is great for simple events that don’t require a range of features. Eventzilla is the ideal platform for professionals who specialize in creating and managing complex events. With its wide range of advanced features, from multi-track agendas and session management to robust ticketing options and sponsorship opportunities, Eventzilla caters to the needs of event professionals.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Eventzilla offers robust sponsorship opportunities, allowing event organizers to create sponsorship tiers on the event page. This feature enables the prominent showcasing of platinum sponsors, giving them increased visibility and recognition. By providing such sponsorship tiers, Eventzilla empowers organizers to attract and engage sponsors effectively, enhancing the overall success and profitability of their events.

Attendee Engagement with Mobile Apps:

Eventzilla provides a dedicated event mobile app for attendees, facilitating seamless engagement and networking. The app encompasses various interactive features such as allows attendees to access schedules, venue maps, speaker profiles, sponsors & other important information that they will look for. By offering this mobile app, Eventzilla enhances the attendee experience and fosters meaningful connections, ensuring that participants derive maximum value from the event.

Eventbrite Organizer is an intuitve app for event creators that allows one to monitor data, check in tickets, and process merchandise sales. However, that’s the extent of how the app is able to engage with attendees. Organizers using Eventbrite will need to find other ways for their audiences to connect with eachother.

Data Ownership and Privacy:

Eventbrite continues to engage in cross-promotion of other events to your attendees. Meaning that once you and your attendees have used Eventbrite, you’ll be receiving marketing emails from their team as well as events nearby. With Eventzilla, you retain complete ownership of your attendee data, ensuring the privacy and security of your valuable information.

How do I stop getting emails from Eventbrite?

This distinction is significant since so many users are searching on Google, "How do I stop getting emails from Eventbrite?" This is because anyone who has used Eventbrite in the past has experienced receiving marketing emails not only from Eventbrite itself but also from other events that they may not have subscribed to or shown interest in.

Eventzilla respects your data privacy by refraining from any form of intrusive marketing or promotions. This commitment to data ownership and privacy enables event organizers to maintain control over their attendee data and build trusted relationships with their audience.

Event Agenda and Session Management:

Eventzilla empowers organizers to build and publish multi-track, multi-session event agendas. This functionality allows for seamless management and organization of complex event schedules, ensuring that attendees can easily navigate and customize their event experience. With robust event agenda and session management capabilities, Eventzilla simplifies the process of structuring and presenting event programs, optimizing attendee engagement and satisfaction.

Call for Paper Submissions:

Eventzilla streamlines the call for paper submission process, making it easier for speakers and presenters to submit their proposals. By providing a user-friendly platform to collect and manage paper submissions, Eventzilla simplifies the selection and review process, enabling organizers to curate high-quality content for their events. This feature empowers event organizers to attract and showcase exceptional speakers, elevating the overall quality and reputation of their events.

Attendee Management and Importing:

Eventzilla offers efficient attendee management tools, allowing organizers to import attendees in bulk and streamline registration processes. With this feature, event organizers can easily manage attendee data, import existing lists, and facilitate a smooth registration experience. By simplifying attendee management and importing, Eventzilla enables organizers to save time, reduce administrative efforts, and ensure a seamless registration process.

Media Gallery for Visual Content:

Eventzilla provides a media gallery feature, allowing organizers to showcase images from previous years' events. This feature enhances the visual appeal of event pages, enabling organizers to highlight the success and ambiance of past events. By incorporating a media gallery, Eventzilla enables event organizers to captivate potential attendees with compelling visual content, fostering excitement and engagement.

Reporting Capabilities:

Eventzilla offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing organizers to gather valuable insights and analytics about their events. From attendee registration and ticket sales data to engagement metrics, Eventzilla's reporting tools provide actionable information that helps organizers make informed decisions and measure event success. By leveraging detailed reports, event organizers can assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize future events.

Native Live Streaming:

With native live streaming capabilities, Eventzilla empowers organizers to deliver immersive virtual event experiences. Eventzilla's integrated live streaming feature eliminates the need for third-party streaming platforms, simplifying the setup and enhancing the overall event experience. By offering native live streaming, Eventzilla enables event organizers to engage a global audience, deliver captivating content, and expand the reach of their events.

Eventbrite vs. Eventzilla: Which One Comes Out On Top?

At the end of the day, it’s all about what your needs are. While Eventbrite is well-known with a powerful listening section for local events you’ll be hardpressed to host a comprehensive event on Eventbrite. In the search for an Eventbrite alternative, Eventzilla emerges as a powerful contender, offering a range of features tailored to professionals who manage complex events.

Eventbrite is Right For You If…

1. You’re okay with Eventbrite’s branding and don’t need customization

Sometimes you want a simple event landing page and don’t want to sink time and resources into creating something unique. There’s nothing wrong with that, and Eventbrite does make it extremely simple.

2. You’re relying Eventbrite’s event listing to promote your event

In a quick glance you can see all the events happening in and around your city, if they’ve been shared on Eventbrite. That’s great if you’re hoping to reduce the time it takes to do personal promotion and your target audience is broad enough. Concerts and art events thrive on Eventbrite and it remains a great place to promote them.

3. Data privacy and cross promotion doesn’t bother you

Eventbrite requests everyone create an account when RSVPing to an event or purchasing a ticket. They then send marketing emails and promote other events to your audience members. Some might consider this just the cost of using a product - but it’s a nusence nonetheless.

Eventzilla Is Right For You If…

1. Branding and customization is important to you

Eventzilla offers extensive customization capabilities, allowing event organizers to tailor their event pages and confirmation emails to reflect their brand identity. This level of customization helps create a memorable and engaging experience for attendees, aligning the event with the organizer's branding.

2. You’re a not-for-profit, or simply want to pay less for your event platform and make more money from your events:

Eventzilla's pricing tends to be slightly lower than Eventbrite's across various ticket prices. This makes Eventzilla an attractive option for event organizers looking to minimize costs. Additionally, Eventzilla offers discounted rates specifically for non-profit organizations, providing a cost-effective solution for non-profits and charities.

3. You’d like to receive instant access to your event revenues:

Stop waiting for your event recenues to get processed. Eventzilla provides instant payouts through trusted payment gateways, such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Eventzilla Payments. This feature eliminates waiting periods and allows organizers to manage event finances more efficiently, ensuring better cash flow for necessary expenses and improved financial planning.

4. Dedicated customer support is important to you:

Eventzilla offers phone and live chat support from 8 am to 10 pm EST, providing event organizers with invaluable assistance and peace of mind throughout the planning process. Unlike Eventbrite, which limits support options for free events, Eventzilla goes the extra mile by providing direct channels for immediate assistance.

5. You’d like to make your event pop with advanced event management features:

Eventzilla caters to the needs of event professionals with its wide range of advanced features, including multi-track agendas, session management, robust ticketing options, and sponsorship opportunities. These features make Eventzilla the ideal platform for professionals who specialize in creating and managing complex events.

6. Data ownership and privacy are important to you:

Eventzilla respects the privacy of attendee data and ensures complete ownership for event organizers. Unlike Eventbrite, which engages in cross-promotion and marketing emails, Eventzilla refrains from intrusive marketing, allowing organizers to maintain control over their attendee data and build trusted relationships with their audience.


Can I customize emails and event landing pages with Eventzilla?

Yes, Eventzilla provides extensive customization options for emails, including fully editable confirmation emails. The platform also offers a powerful tool to create visually appealing and personalized event landing pages, allowing you to align the page with your branding and create a cohesive experience for attendees.

What ticketing options and pricing features does Eventzilla offer?

Eventzilla offers free and paid ticket registration, donations, merchandise, and add-on capabilities. It also stands out with its instant payout feature, allowing organizers to receive funds instantly through trusted payment gateways.

How does Eventzilla's customer support compare to Eventbrite's?

Eventzilla offers phone and live chat support from 8 am to 10 pm EST, providing direct channels for immediate assistance. In contrast, Eventbrite limits support options for free events and offers 24/7 chat support for paid events only.

What are some key event management features provided by Eventzilla?

Eventzilla offers a range of features, including sponsorship opportunities, attendee engagement with mobile apps, data ownership and privacy, robust agenda and session management, streamlined call for paper submissions, attendee management and importing tools, media gallery for visual content, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and native live streaming for immersive virtual event experiences.