Tips to plan an international meeting

You’ve been thinking about hosting your first international event, it’s time to get to work.

  1. You’ll want to begin scheduling things about a year in advance – working with a travel agent can help minimize the hassle and help you focus on event marketing.
  2. Reaching out early to people you believe will want to attend your event is an excellent move, and you can take this opportunity to present the option of online ticketing. Everything you can do to make things easier on your guests is going to be greatly appreciated!
  3. You’ll want to be available to answer questions as soon as they are raised. You can do this by enabling your registration software to save and distribute information your guests can use to ask you questions directly without having to worry about their messages being misplaced.
  4. Provide your guests with easy to follow checklists for international travel. Some of them might never have been able to travel internationally before so they will appreciate your advice. And even those guests who have experience in this area will appreciate the extra effort you have put in for them.
  5. Make sure that an interpreter is available for anyone who needs one. While some of your guests might already be able to speak the language of the nation where your event will be held, chances are that at least one person will need an interpreter’s services.

In short, you need to plan ahead, be able to educate and provide for your guests, and stay up to date on any kinds of travel restrictions, questions, or changes in plans!

Eventzilla Team

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