How to use content marketing as a tool to build buzz around your event?

You can use content marketing as a tool to build buzz around your event, and get other people to do it for you! Here are five tips that can be used for creating content related to yourevent marketing efforts:

  1. Make sure you have free WiFi
    When you choose a venue, make sure that it is WiFi capable. Not only can you use online ticketing at the door of your event to allow people to buy last minute tickets, but you can also work directly with your registration software while you are on-site at your event. And of course make sure that you can share the wealth with your guests and enable them to use your WiFi at the event.
  2. Encourage and allow guest participation
    Set up an event-specific hashtag well ahead of time, and start using it when communicating with your guests. Encourage them to talk about their experiences at your event while they’re there, creating real-time activity around your event on social channels.
  3. Feature the work of others
    It can be as easy as retweeting, sharing, and liking the content people are creating related to your event. Assign someone to watching out for mentions of your event and engage with the people posting them!
  4. Give bloggers press-level access
    If a blogger has a large readership and plenty of industry influence, why not allow them the same freedoms and information access as a member of the traditional press? Give them what they need and simply try to create a favorable impression of your event and hope they leave satisfied so they will write a positive post about you.
  5. Do something fun and make sure people see it
    While you might have presentations, speeches, and other things lined up for your event, try to toss in something fun as well. Let people see you’re open to humor and interesting things and watch as they promote your event for you!

Of course there are more things that you can do to help create and spread content regarding your event, but how amazing is it to know how to help people help you by doing a bit of your content marketing for you?

Eventzilla Team

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