5 ways to launch your next event like Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an amazing person, and an even better marketer. He knew just how to present a product so that it was extremely attractive to the people he wanted to buy it. You can channel his influence when engaging in your event marketing by putting the following tips into practice:

  • Share interesting stats from previous events
    It is important to let your attendees know – the successful events in the past to build a credible profile.
  • Focus on your target audience
    While you are going to be focused on your event, you need to be paying attention to your guests first and foremost. Make the event all about them.
  • Give your guests something to show off
    If someone buying a ticket early, have your registration software set up to send them small gift such as a branded USB drive.
  • Reach out to influencers before your event
    If you can get people talking about your event before it happens, you can easily create a buzz around your event like nothing you have ever seen before.
  • Play on the building suspense
    If you can generate buzz around your event, keep it going for as long as you can. Build suspense, and then hang on to it!

Take what you can away from these tips and channel your inner Steve Jobs while promoting your next event launch!

Eventzilla Team

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