Recent Updates: Custom Themes, QR Code, Copy Events and more

We are pleased to announce that we have been quietly adding tons of new features to our product.  Here is just a list to name a few. Log in and check them out for yourself.

Features recently released!

Design your own theme

You are no more restricted by our preset selection of themes for your event page’s look and feel. You can now customize your event page with your choice of background color or image, adjust font colors and do a lot more.

Set a total capacity for your event
Let’s say you want are selling multiple ticket types but want to set an overall capacity for your event, you can do that with the total capacity field now. Once your sales volume reaches the total capacity all ticket types will display sold out.

Improved PDF ticket design with QR Code support
We recently added QR code to our ticket designs. Very soon, we will also be releasing an iPhone and Android check-in app in the coming weeks.

It is now a lot easier to share your event
Attending an event with friends is more fun and our new enhancements encourage your attendees to easily share the event on Facebook wall and Tweets.

Simplified event setup process
We have further simplified our already easy event creation process by making the system progressively learn your event management needs and pre-populate several details automatically.

Add Waiver for your Events
We know some of your events require waivers from attendees and we just added a simple option to add the waiver text and make your attendees accept it seamlessly during the registration process.

Copy existing events
If you conduct similar events frequently, Eventzilla now makes it a whole lot easier for you to just create copies of your past event with a single click.

Improved email invitations
We have improved the email templates for the invitation functionality to make it look more professional.

…plus tons of other minor tweaks and enhancements.

Log in and check them out for yourself.

Eventzilla Team
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Eventzilla Team

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