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Top challenges while hosting hybrid events

Hybrid events have become popular recently and it’s all set to change the face of the events industry soon. By hosting a hybrid event, you can reach a wide range of audiences across the world. However, incorporating both the elements of in-person and virtual events is not an easy task if you haven’t hosted a hybrid event in the past. Thus, you need to understand the challenges of hosting a hybrid event to plan it in a right way. 

In this write-up, we’ve put together some of the top challenges that are most commonly faced by the event organizers while hosting hybrid events. Alongside, we’ve added some ideas to overcome these roadblocks.   

Choosing the right hybrid event venue

It’s the most important challenge when it comes to hosting a hybrid event. The venue you choose must meet the requirements of both the in-person and online aspects of the event. Especially, you’ve to ensure that you must be able to host two event formats at the same time without any hassles. Some of the key things to consider while choosing a hybrid venue include seamless internet connection, audio & video recording capabilities, adequate power supply, access to rehearse and much more.

Event content

For hybrid events, you must create an engaging event content for both the in-person and virtual audience. It’s not an easy task to engage your remote audience who are in front of their computer compared to onsite attendees. You’ve to make sure that your speakers are prepared to deliver an engaging presentation for both the audience.

Tips: Instead of making your virtual audience watch your speaker’s interaction with your onsite audience, create a one-on-one session for your online audience for a better engagement. 

Event technology

Choosing the right event technology is yet another important challenge in hybrid events. As you’ve to manage the two different event formats at the same time, you must choose event platforms that allow you to manage both the virtual and in-person event aspects in one single place. In this way, you can avoid switching between multiple platforms and save a lot of time. Try Eventzilla – A one stop solution for hybrid events. 

Various time zones

Although reaching a wider audience is a great advantage in hybrid events, it’s a challenging thing to choose a time zone that works fine for all the remote audience. It’s always ideal to choose a time zone that accommodates the majority of your virtual attendees. For the attendees who cannot attend the live virtual event, you can provide them an option to get an in-demand content. 

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