Venue for Hybrid Events

How to choose the right venue for your hybrid event?

Virtual events have evolved significantly in recent times owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it’s very likely that event planners will be keen to add virtual elements in physical events in the post-pandemic world. Undoubtedly, hybrid events are the future. However, event planners need to find the right venue that helps them to host in-person and virtual event at the same time without any hassles.

Here’re some tips to consider while choosing a venue for your hybrid event;

Internet Connectivity

If your event is hybrid, WiFi connectivity is the first thing that you must look for while choosing the venue. But, an internet connection alone can’t be a deciding factor. You have to check the internet bandwidth and connection speed to ensure that your remote audience doesn’t face any issues while watching your live stream. 

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Space & Equipments

To host a hybrid event, it’s important to find a venue that has built-in equipment with audio and video recording capabilities. Also, the venue should possess good lighting facilities to create a live experience for your remote audience. Apart from equipment, the spacing of the venue is also one of the key things that you need to look for. You will have to ensure that the venue has enough spacing to meet both your in-person and virtual event requirements. It’s also good to check if you have space for placing your cameras and lightings without distracting your live audience. 

Adequate Power Supply

Check if the venue has an adequate power supply and backup to ensure that you don’t face sudden interruptions during the event day. Since your event is going to be a hybrid, it’s vital that your virtual supportive equipment like camera, lights, and audio works without any hassles right through your event.

In-house Support

It’s a challenging task for event planners to host an event at the same time for both their live and remote audiences. So, it’s ideal that that venue you choose has the dedicated in-house support team to address the issues faced either by hosts or the attendees. Eventually, it helps you to save time and stay focused on creating the best event experience. 

A Venue that allows you to Practice

To avoid any technical difficulties during the event day, find a venue that allows you to rehearse your event. It helps you test the audiovisual equipment, internet speed, and other essentials that you require to host a hybrid event. Also, it helps the event speakers to prepare themselves for facing the live audience and online audience at the same time. 

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