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Post-Lockdown live events : 4 tips to manage queuing

With the lockdown being lifted in many countries, event organizers are now keen to return to physical events in the coming months. However, it’s not going to be the same as before. As COVID-19 is still being a threat, it’s important to implement strict social distancing rules and other safety measures for risk mitigation.

When it comes to physical events, queuing of attendees with a proper social distancing is certainly going to be the biggest challenge for the organizers. In this article, we’re going to walk you through some of the best practices and tips to manage queues at physical events amidst pandemic.

Faster Check-In

Check-in is the first thing you’ve to be concerned about. You can avoid long queues at your event venue if you can make the check-in process faster and simpler for the attendees. You can invest in some check-in apps to manage onsite check with ease. These apps let your attendees to just show the QR code on their ticket. Also, you can place a kiosk for self-check-in. Eventually, this ensures contactless check-in, as well.

Split-Up the Queue

Instead of making your attendees line up in a single queue, you can split it up to maintain social distancing in the queue without any hassles. If your event venue has multiple entry points, you can make use of them by setting up lines at each entrance. Before the event day, you can group your attendees and assign them an entry point. You can probably send an email or notifications with these details before the event day.

Outdoor Space for Queues

According to the sources, the risk of spreading the virus is lower outside. Thus, it’s good if you have an outdoor space at your event venue to line up your attendees. However, you’ve to ensure that you provide good hospitality for your attendees to make them feel comfortable.

Direction Indicators

To ensure that your attendees are standing in the right queue, you can place signs to guide them. Also, you can use floor markers to impose the distancing guidelines. With these things, your attendees will know where to go and what to do.

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