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Handy virtual gift ideas for your next virtual event

Gifting certainly creates a good impression for your brand among event attendees. However, coming up with gift ideas for your event is hard. Especially, when you host a virtual event. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’re some virtual gift ideas that you can try out at your next virtual event. 

Digital goodie bags

Similar to physical events, you can provide goodie bags in virtual events too in the form of digital goodie bags. These bags are nothing but apps that contain gift codes, deals, discount vouchers, entertainment, etc. Apart from rewarding your attendees, it also allows you to promote your event. For instance, you can show this digital goodie bag information on your event registration page or emails that you send to your attendees. Some of the virtual goodie bag providers include Raceperk, eventbraxx, igiftbag, etc.

Food delivery coupons

People love food. So offering food delivery coupons for your virtual attendees is the best option when it comes to virtual gifting. However, you have to choose a food delivery provider who has their presence in countries where your virtual audience lives. 

Video streaming voucher

When it comes to virtual gifting, a video streaming voucher certainly works best for you. As most people love to watch movies or web series, you can provide a monthly subscription gift card from video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon prime to your attendees.


If you have an upcoming virtual event that is going to be attended by book enthusiasts, you can offer them an ebook from popular e-book stores like Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble, etc. In this way, you can make your audience feel special and show interest to attend your future events too. You can also offer ebooks for attendees based on specific topics that help them in their personal development. To go one step further, you can also offer them audiobooks for your audience through amazon audible and other similar platforms. 

Digital courses

Your audience will find it useful if you can offer them an online course or workshop as a gift. You can choose an online course based on your event topic. For instance, if your event is about digital marketing then you can provide them a social media course. Some of the digital course platforms include Udemy, Coursea, etc.

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