Event landing page ideas

Landing page ideas for hybrid events

With hybrid events becoming more popular in recent times, it becomes imperative for event organizers to quickly adapt to this emerging trend. In particular, they have to change their approach in promoting their event to sell tickets faster. Thus, it’s important to create an event landing page to meet the event registration goals. 

Event landing page for hybrid events

Whether it’s a traditional event or hybrid, you have to make sure of creating an eye-catchy landing page that attracts people to sign up for your event. When it comes to a hybrid event, you must provide your event information in detail covering essential things related to virtual and the in-person event format. 

Let’s walk you through some best tips to create an event landing page for your hybrid event. 

  • If you don’t have coding knowledge, choose an event website builder that allows you to create an event landing page by simply dragging and dropping the content blocks.
  • Make sure that your event page is responsive and SEO-friendly by default to get a wider reach online.
  • Create an event registration form to collect information from attendees that matters to you. You can also segment your in-person event and virtual event registrants here by giving an option to choose in the form. However, your registration form must be short and simple. 
  • Provide a detailed description of your event and how it can benefit the participants. You can brainstorm with your team to come up with event content that needs to be placed on the event page.
  • Add venue details for your in-person event audience. For the virtual audience, you must show details like time zone, device compatibility, and technical aspects required.  
  • Add a speaker’s information with their experience and the industry in which he/she expertise. You can also show the ratings of your speakers. 
  • If you’re covering more topics in your hybrid event, you can create multiple sessions and show them on your event page. This way, people can register for their preferred sessions.
  • Make sure that your event landing page is integrated with major payment processors if you’re hosting a paid event. It will help your audiences to register for your event by choosing their preferred payment method. 

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