4 Time-Saving Ideas for Event Planners

4 Time-Saving Ideas for Event Planners

It’s a well-known fact that event planning is a painstaking process. Thus, event planners have to manage their time effectively to get everything right to ensure that their events turn out great. 

Below, we are sharing some effective timesaving event planning ideas;

Set up a Goal & Prepare for Uncertainties

While planning any event, you must set up clear goal plans well in advance. However, you have to make sure that you focus only on event planning activities that help to reach the event goals that you have in mind. This way, you can save your precious time spending on tasks that matter to you the most. 

Apart from it, you must also prepare for things that you didn’t plan for. There might be last-minute changes in an event. So it’s ideal if you think about different possible scenarios and brainstorm with your team to come up with alternative plans to handle any unforeseen circumstances. 

Easy Event Check-In 

The most common challenge that every event planner would face during the event day is when they check-in their attendees. If the check-in area gets more crowded, it becomes difficult for your team to keep everyone organized. Also, your staff might have other tasks like receiving the guest speaker, etc. 

On considering these factors, you can avoid the traditional way of attendee check-in and opt for a self-service check-in process to make things easy and save a lot of time. You can choose any event check-in apps that let your attendees scan their QR codes available on their event tickets to check in and get their name badges.

Place Signages in Right Places

If your attendees lose their way through the venue, it creates unwanted stress for your event team on the event day. Thus, it’s imperative to set up direction signboards at the important places showing where different sessions or rooms are. Besides, you can make some of your volunteers stand in the key areas guiding the attendees with the right path. 

Automate Name Badge Creation

Creating a name badge for all your attendees by yourself consumes a lot of your time. Also, there is a chance that you might add your attendee details wrongly by mistake. It’s ideal if you choose an event registration software that lets you print name badges for your attendees within minutes by syncing the registration data. This way, you can also print the name badges onsite for the attendees who walk in for your event. Thus, you don’t have to close registrations before your event day to print attendee name badges.

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