event check-in ideas

Check-in ideas to impress your event attendees

It’s a well-known fact that the number of event ticket sales determines the success of an event. However, to retain that success and to get a good brand impression among your attendees, you have to create an amazing event experience for them. Thus, the way you check in the guests is certainly the most crucial thing to consider. 

In this blog, we’re sharing some handy event check-in ideas to impress your guests. 

QR code to speed up check-in

To avoid your guests waiting for a long time in a queue, you can allow them to check-in by scanning the QR code on their mobile device. On the other hand, it saves a lot of time for your attendees as your events team doesn’t have to manually search the names or information of the registrants to check in. Also, it lets you easily track attendees who have already check-in, as well. 

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Directions & check-in point marks

When you’re hosting an in-person event, it’s important that you mark a check-in point to let attendees find it quickly. Also, keep some signboards in the right places showing directions to the check-in point. If your event is happening in a larger venue, you must make sure that you provide the gate details in the event ticket or any communications that you send to your attendees.

Face recognition

This is yet another way of check-in which makes this process much easier for you. You can place a few cameras at the front desk to capture the face images of your attendees to check-in. It also creates a fantastic ambiance at your event. 

Apart from attendees, it also helps you to detect your event speaker, as well. So you can make a real-time announcement to your attendees informing them about the arrival of the keynote speaker to boost engagement. 

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