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How to get more Event RSVPs

Getting guests to RSVP is one of the toughest challenges that an event organizer would face while hosting an event. However, some best practices encourage people to respond. In this write-up, we are going to share our tips to get more event RSVPs.

Attractive RSVP Invitation

Creating a great first impression is the key to getting more responses for your event. Thus, planning out an attractive RSVP invitation becomes imperative for the event host. Whether it’s an email subject line, banner, or text, you must make sure your invite impresses your audience. You can also brainstorm with your team to come up with the best creative and content ideas. 

Keep a deadline

While sending an RSVP invite to your audience, make sure that you mention a deadline. This way, you will see more instant responses from the recipients. Alongside, provide an option in the invitation to save the date on the recipient’s calendar. You can also give multiple RSVP options (email, website, phone, or text) to let your audience RSVP for your event in their preferred way.

RSVP website

If you want to get more RSVPs online, you have to create a professional-looking event website to attract your online audience. You can also use this website to promote your event across social media and online marketing channels to accelerate the number of responses. To easily create your RSVP event website, you can prefer an event website builder like Eventzilla which lets you create one without demanding any coding or design skills. 

Why to RSVP

Let you recipients understand why their response is crucial. For example – you can inform your audience that their food and beverage depends on the response that you get. Eventually, this will make your audience understand the significance of their response to your event and RSVP soon. 

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