How to network with other event planners in your city?

This is the internet age where conference registration is done through the online event registration software and people expect that organizers will sell tickets online. Despite the fact that many event planners place huge reliance on their event management software, no one can deny that getting to know your fellow event planners have innumerable benefits: you can get some tips on venues, caterors, suppliers, refer clients to them when you are fully booked and so the list goes on.
Build a network of event-planners in your area can be done in a number of ways.

  • Get In Touch With Other Event Planners In LinkedIn – LinkedIn has an extensive database of event professionals. Here’s your chance to build your contact list!
  • Attend Events By Other Planners – Early in your career, this is the best way to learn the ropes and effortlessly meet other event planners in your city. Take note of shared ideas and advice during the event for future reference.
  • Throw An Event-Planners Event– Design an evening meant for socializing and networking with other event planners and you can do all these while showcasing your space and your services.
  • Send Out An Invite – Set a one-on-one lunch date with event planners in the same industry. Keep it personal and assure the other party that its sole purpose would be to share resources and network.
  • Join An Association – Joining a local group for event planners can boost your network. Club activities such as breakfast invitations and meet-and-greets will throw you in a circle with other event planners. (Here are the links to PCMA, MPI and AMPS)

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