5 ways to creatively use #hashtags on your next event

Hashtags, one of the more interesting things to come from Twitter since it came on the scene, are making it easier than ever to have fun at events and conferences! You might think that there isn’t much you can do with online event registration software that could get people excited about conference registration, but that is where you would be wrong!

When you sell tickets online to your event, make hashtags a part of your conference registration! Let people who are registering know if you have created a hashtag for your event and encourage them to share it with their friends and others who are attending the event.

You can also get a little creative with hashtags at your next event by:

  1. Creating a hashtag for a contest or special drawing and encourage people to use it when tweeting about your event. Then at random choose someone who has used the hashtag and award them with a prize.
  2. Encouraging people to create their own hashtags about your event and include them in tweets with your primary event tag. Track these new trends and have some fun with them!
  3. Using event hashtags to ask questions and seek answers from other people both online and at your event.
  4. Getting news outlets, individual reporters, and other online influencers involved with your event by engaging with them and using your event hashtags in your conversations.
  5. Giving people who are not able to attend the event live a chance to get a play-by-play by making sure that the hashtags for your event are available on your promotional materials, social channels and website.

Conference registration is a great opportunity to introduce your hashtags to those who might be attending your event. This is also a good time to announce any contests, giveaways, and other parts of your event that might have hashtags of their own.

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