How Not To Promote Your Next Event

Promotion of event can be a tedious task. It involves many strategies and promotional ideas that have to be applied methodically. Be it a small event like a training workshop; or bigger fund raising event or a massive corporate event, there are some key pointers that must be kept in mind at the time of event planning.

Two bollards

Here are we stating some distinct mistakes that must be avoided in order to make any event a big flop,

Leaving out the influencers for your event
Every business or event has a group of influencers who will go and promote their favorites to other people in their social circle.  Planning and targeting the key influencers is important and you should entice them with a special early bird discount to kick start conversations in social media sites about your next event.

Do not just imagine but actually make those thoughts practical. It is not sufficient to just know the right kind of people but to also make the most out of the social contact. The secret lies not in knowing huge number of people but in deriving the optimum use of the known social circle. The contact should be meaningful and qualitative rather than just quantitative.

Targeting the wrong audience group
Do not act in haste or in random manner. Sell tickets online and send the event invitees for an event must be selected as per logical strategy and not as per random selection. If the event is a professional one, then only professional invitees should be present.

Similarly, in a family oriented event, the major chunk of invitees should be family and friends with very close associated invited additionally. In nutshell, event invitations and invitees should be focused and intentional.

Not promoting your main sponsors
Do not take prospective sponsors for granted. Event sponsors with good brand value will pay a key role in selling out tickets for your event. Very often event planners use the minimal strategy for gaining the attention and the sponsorship of the sponsors. It should not be assumed that sponsors will come to know about the event and the kind of promotions it is going to render.

Too many giveaways
This is one common mistake that is committed by event planners when they are promoting their events. If the event is good and its organizers are sure of its credibility, they need not indulge in giving freebies just in order to attract attention. Generate enough curiosity by being implicit and not explicit while promoting the event on Facebook & Twitter.

Not setting the right marketing budget
Marketing your event is key for the success of your event. At the same time spending a lot of money on time will hurt the success of your event. Set a budget and stick to it. There are a lot of alternatives for paid marketing strategies now. You can promote you event by sponsoring a cause or non-profit organization.

Last but not least, do not give up. Often event organizers do not follow up sufficiently so as to be positively persistent. It is important to understand that being persistent is different from being pestering. The promotion of an event is going to be very fruitful only if the targets are going to be followed consistently.

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Leaving out the influencers for your event

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