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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to sell tickets in Eventzilla?

Eventzilla is FREE if your event is free for your attendees. For paid events, Eventzilla charges $1 USD flat fee per attendee. The fee is paid by event attendees unless event organizers want to pay themselves.

What type of payment methods supported by Eventzilla?

Eventzilla support VISA, Master Card, AMEX, PayPal, Check & Cash.

Note:Eventzilla does not collect or store credit card information and payments are securely processed by a payment processing company of your choice. We support PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net & WePay.

Do attendees require a PayPal account to pay for the tickets?

No. Attendees can pay using any Credit Card supported by PayPal. Paypal supports Mastercard, VISA and American Express. Attendees can also pay using Check or Cash.

How does Eventzilla collect the convenience fee for paid events?

When you use PayPal to collect payments, our convenience fee is deducted at the time of payment. No invoices, no reminders, and no late fees.
For all other payment gateways (Stripe, Authorize.net, We-pay) and offline registrations (check payments & onsite registrations using cash) we will send an invoice at the end of the month and you can easily pay us online.

Can I collect payments offline for my events?

Yes. Eventzilla allows you to seamlessly offer online and offline payment options for your events. For check payments, you can confirm & confirm the registration once you receive the check from your attendee.

Are there any extra fees for accepting online payments?

If you use your PayPal merchant account for online payments, please note that PayPal have their own payment fees that depend on your monthly transaction volume and account type. You can see a breakdown of the fees on their website.

If we use Eventzilla for an INR paid event, how and when do we get paid?

If you are using the Eventzilla's INR payment processing system, We will collect payments for registrations and make remittances to you once a month via wire transfer to your nominated bank account. Payouts are made during the second week of every month, for registrations received in the elapsed month.

Is there a discount for large events?

Yes- send a note to help@eventzilla.net and we will get back to you to discuss a custom proposal.

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