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What’s in Store for the Events Industry in 2020? Emerging Trends You Need to Know

Each year time seems to go by faster and faster. The days may feel long at times, but the weeks and months are feeling shorter. This mind-boggling phenomenon of time perception means that we must be present in the here and now, and this is especially true in the events industry.

There are many tasks and minute details that go into events planning. Whether you are someone who is planning a trip or a business who is hosting an event time management is crucial to its success. 

One way to stay on top of your time management is to stay on top of fluctuating trends. Knowing what is coming around the corner helps you to understand how much time you have for preparation. 

Planning An Event

There are those who believe that planning an industry conference should begin at least six months before the date of the actual event. This standard may work for smaller events that are held in the town or are shorter run workshops. For large scale, out of town conferences, many places begin the planning at least a year in advance.  

From securing a location to organizing vendors there are many details that will need to be worked out and you can guarantee that those details will change on a daily or weekly basis. 

Here are two important action items to keep in mind when planning an industry event:

Decide On A Theme 

Every conference has a theme. If there is no “theme” per-say then there is at the very least, a focus topic. Many look at trends in their industry for the upcoming year and focus on the most widely applicable ones and then have breakout sessions for the other varying topics to be discussed. 

When I hear the phrase assemble your team I always think of the Avengers from Marvel Comics, and that is exactly what you need. Okay, maybe not exactly but you need a team of people who know what they are doing and work well under pressure because when putting together a conference—there will be pressure.

Budget, Budget, Budget

The most important aspect of any conference or event planning is the budget. You will immediately want to secure the venue, book the vendors and decide on entertainment. 

There are going to be a lot of moving parts so balancing the event budget is crucial to the overall outcome of your event. 

Events Industry Changes

Each year, just as other industries see changes in trend, so does the events industry. Expectations change, styles change, and overall people want more and they want it better than the year before. Let’s take a look at some changes that are coming up this next year. 


No one likes to feel as if they are lost in the crowd or simply another number. Personalizing your event or conference to the individual attendee is a simple process that goes a long way.  

For example, upon arrival and depending on your budget you can have a personalized note card in their hotel room welcoming them to your event and making sure their in-room snack bar is equipped with their favorite beverage. This information is easily found out by simply adding a question to the registration form and passing that information along to the hotel before the event begins.  

These small but simple gestures will help your event stand out from the rest. 


With topics such as climate change and protecting our environment at the forefront of the news media, it’s something that is a part of the overall conversation. There is nothing worse than needless waste and in the past conferences and large scale events were major culprits. 

Offering your attendees more sustainable options will show that you not only care for the environment but you care that they care for the environment. This simple task can be completed by offering glasses next to the paper cups during daytime meetings. Most hotels have already put into place sustainable options so go one step further and incorporate those ideas into your event. 

Unique Venue Experience

Many event industry trends focus on unique venue options.

There are the tried and true hotel conference rooms and ballrooms that are utilized every year. These are not a bad option as most conferences like to keep everything within the same hotel so choose one that is a nice resort.

Then, if you are feeling up for it move that meeting out to the garden, or by the golf course. There are ways to think outside the box when it comes to unique venue experiences and it all adds to creating a memorable experience. 

Multifunction Versatility

Why have two items when one will suffice? Do you know those name tags that everyone has tucked inside their lanyards? Why not add a conference schedule to the back of it? This gives easy access so your attendee knows what is coming up next without having to dig around in a bag to look for the schedule. 

Want to take it a step further in a way that will help you know what events were the most popular? Add a QR code to it as well and have your guest scan it into a computer as a way of checking in before a meeting or breakout session. Now you know who is interested in what and which topics were the most heavily attended.  

It’s About The Experience 

There is nothing people want more than to be seen and heard. At a conference where there are hundreds of people, there are simple ways to help your conference attendees experience both. 

From mixers and networking events to quality content and technology the events industry is changing the game of how businesses interact with each other and we can’t wait to see what the next trends will bring. 

For more details on how to throw a great event check out our website for more information. 

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