How to Decide on the Venue for the Next Family Reunion?

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Each family reunion is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gather your loved ones together from all over the country (and sometimes the world) to spend time together. It gives all generations a chance to meet and learn from one another and this is something that you definitely want to encourage!

Venue is extremely important for these events – how do you choose the right one?

The location of your venue can be everything. You’ll need a location that is as central as possible to all family members so that they do not have to travel very far. Event planning software can help you select a venue by calculating the media distance between attendees and any locations you are considering! When choosing venues for your short list, make sure that they have hotels, car rentals, an airport, and dining facilities with an hour’s drive so that your family members will have a good time.

Is there a catering service affiliated with the venue you are considering? If you’re having your reunion at the local park, chances are you’re on your own. If you’re meeting in a conference center or larger building there might be a service that is contracted to the facility that can be prevailed on to assist you.

This can mean a variety of things from media services (video, audio, etc) for presentations to restrooms and other sanitation services. If you are going to be hosting a gathering of a large number of people you’re going to need access to restrooms for sure, but if you’re planning on some kind of presentation you might want to look for a venue that offers the equipment necessary to make your presentation a success.

How to Embed Your Events List on Your Website or Blog?

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Step 1: Log in to your Eventzilla Account
Step 2: Click on “Account Settings” tab
Step 3: Click on “Embed Your Events” link on left navigation
Step 4: Adjust the width for the events display
Step 5: Copy the embed code and paste between <body></body> tags on your website.


5 Fundraising Mistakes To Avoid

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We’ve all seen them before; the fundraising mistakes that even fundraising software can’t prevent and make us cringe even as we feel sympathy for the coordinators and donors alike. Even online fundraising doesn’t seem to be immune; event planning software can help you prepare for a fundraiser on the ground or online, but once you’re in the middle of the event you’re often on your own.

Here are some mistakes you should probably avoid:

1 – Impersonal direct mail campaigns
Make sure that you are addressing your postcards or thank you mailers to the right people. Sign your name by hand, no matter how many notes you need to prepare. Make things personal and your thanks heartfelt.

2 – Annoying your donors
Create a communication calendar and stick to it. Don’t send updates or requests for donations too frequently. Don’t request a small-time donor to jump to being a big-time donor with no preamble or even asking them if they’re interested in increasing their donation amount.

3 – Broken promises
No matter what you’re selling or what cause you are promoting you need to deliver on what you promised. If someone has given you money they want to know that it is being used the way you told them it would be.

4 – Taking the wrong approach
Generic mass mailing or impersonal solicitations in front of stores have never brought good results for anything less than the best known organizations. So unless you are the Girl / Boy Scouts or the Salvation Army, stick with more personal communications to attract donors.

5 – Falling behind the times
Instead of relying exclusively on out-dated methods of fundraising, take your efforts into the virtual space and gauge the effectiveness of an online fundraising campaign. Use new technologies like email and social media to give your campaigns a kick!

Tip: Recurring Event Page vs Multiple Event Pages

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Eventzilla supports both single and recurring event pages. Let’s say you have an event which repeats throughout the year, here is a simple guide to help you decide between setting up multiple event pages vs a recurring event page.

If Event title, Venue, Ticket Types, Description does not change then setup a recurring event page.

If any of the above mentioned information has to change for your recurring event dates, then setup individual event pages. You can easily get this done by duplicating existing event pages

Facebook Marketing Basics for Event Planners – Part 1

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While some people might know this already, Facebook event planning is a huge market for industry professionals. Some event planners seem to be avoiding Facebook entirely, while others never see its true marketing and planning potential.

Outside of your event planning software and event ticketing software, Facebook is one of the best ways to plan, promote, and discuss your next event. It is one of the most frequently used websites after Google and as such has a great deal of potential for event exposure.

Instead of putting all of the pressure on your fundraising software, why not let Facebook do the bulk of your online fundraising organization for you? Events like these can be easy to coordinate thanks to one of Facebook’s best features, which is the ability to create an event, invite users, and hos t a private message board for those who have been invited.

Facebook events can make event planning super simple and easy. People are on Facebook every day, so they can easily let you know they will be attending, weigh in on issues like an itinerary, refreshments, etc or any number of other issues. Instead of having to go through the trouble of using an email list, there will be all of the information you need in one place.

You can also post the occasional status update about your upcoming event, but be careful not to post too many. People will be interested in reading more about your event, but if you’re promoting it 10x a day, people will get tired of that activity really fast.

And last but not least you can post images of past events similar to the one you are promoting now and use them to garner attention and encourage people to attend your event not only on Facebook but in person as well!

Twitter Marketing Basics for Event Planners – Part 1

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Have you found that your event planning software just isn’t bringing the interest that it used to? Worried that your event ticketing software isn’t making as many sales as it should? If so, you might be interested in how social media (namely Twitter) can help promote your event and give your software a much-needed break, because let’s face it, for online fundraising, fundraising software just can’t keep up.

1. Regardless of your event type, content is the heart of social media use so you’re going to need some good content. This can be tough when using Twitter, because while you have a 140 character limit, you need to keep your posts at 100 characters or less to allow someone to retweet your message on their own account.

2. A hashtag for your event is also a must. When planning an event you need to consider the use of hashtags on Twitter and other social channels and make sure your tag is relevant and easy to remember as you will be promoting it and following it as your event draws near.

3. You can also use Twitter to create a public list which will then tell your followers who will be attending your event – people like to attend events where they will know at least one other person there, so by making an attendance list available you might be able to bring more attention to your event and gain more ticket sales.

4. Promotion outside of Twitter can be a great way to drive traffic to Twitter so that you can better promote and plan your event there. Mention your event on your blog or website and direct viewers to look you up on Twitter for more information!

5 tips to Optimize Your Event Website for Search Engines

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Often times when you are planning your next event, you realize that you should implement a website, but aren’t sure what to do with it once you have created it. Event planning software isn’t of much help because its specialty lies in keeping track of guests and the supplies and procedures you’ll need to get things done during your event. Event ticketing software is much the same, making it an ill fit for designing an event website.

Something important that is relevant to your event website is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is an essential part of today’s websites, regardless of their content. If you do not at least make an effort to optimize your website, you’re missing out on valuable traffic!

How can you optimize your website?

1. Optimize your on-page content
By on page content we mean that you will need to optimize everything that is a part of your website including its code. If you know the keywords you would like to optimize for (an example would be an event promoting new fundraising software using the keywords fundraising, software, and any local keywords relevant to the event) then you can get started right away.

2. Keyword research and data tracking
You will need to continually monitor your website’s traffic and user behavior so that you can make sure you are targeting the right keywords. What good does it do to work with online fundraising for your event if no one can even find your website or know what to do when they get there? Answer: not much!

3. Create content
You will need to work a little on your site by creating content to flesh it out a bit and give search engines something to crawl and return in search results. Even as little as 200 words will be enough to at least give search engines something to go on.

4. Build links
Once you have your website all set up and created some content, now it is time to build links back to your website from other sites, forums, and blogs. This will help people find your website and result in a lot of targeted web traffic for your event!

5. Get social
Social signals are a big deal in the world of SEO today, so it makes sense to take to your company’s Facebook page or Twitter account and spread the word about your next upcoming event!

5 To Do list Mobile Apps for Event Planners

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When you are planning your next event you’re going to have a lot of things to do. When it comes to the little things that tend to pile up, event planning software seems to fall behind; it’s geared towards big things, not things like making sure you have gas in your car to make it to the event, or making sure you have your best suit ready for opening night. This is especially true of charity events and fundraisers where there are a lot of small details involved that fundraising software doesn’t address.

To help keep you on track we’ve put together a list of mobile apps that can help save the day and your to do lists too.

TickTick is one of the top mobile apps for to do lists and planning/organizations of tasks because it is extremely versatile and has plenty of highly useful features.

Download : iTunes  | Google Play

Remember The Milk is one of the longest-running to do apps ever. It has been around for a long time and it isn’t hard to see why! With this app you’ll never forget anything ever again!

Download : iTunes  | Google Play

3) ANY.DO is a modern web app to help you keep your life organized and on track. Perfect for event planning, it integrates mail, to do lists, a calendar, and much more.

Download : iTunes  | Google Play

Toodledo is one of the most full-featured mobile apps for planning and organization that you will ever encounter. It allows you to sort and categorize your lists in an almost endless number of ways!

Download : iTunes  | Google Play

This is a mobile planning and to do app that will take your breath away with its myriad features and helpful functions that will surely simplify your panning from here on out.

Download : iTunes  | Google Play

5 Summer Fundraising Ideas

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Summer is here, and it’s time to take a break from the event planning software and event ticketing software that we work will all year long and take the time to really get back to our communities. Even fundraising software shouldn’t be needed for these fun, easy ideas that will give even online fundraising a run for its money!

This idea focuses on collecting old electronics that are no longer needed and finding someone who will buy them from you once you have collected them. Anything from old cell phones to old computers can sometimes be turned into cash for your organization.

An event like this is often easy to organize and manage; each group brings a different sort of meal option to the table. A local business could cook and sell hamburgers and hot dogs, while another could sell treats and deserts. In the case of a cook off, chili, pie, and other foods are judged against one another. Revenues can vary based on your event type.

If there is a local sports team that regularly charges for games, you can ask if they would be willing to give you a portion of their sales for promoting their next game. You can also form a team made of local celebrities and challenge a similar team from another town and collect the proceeds from the event.

If there are artists and craftspeople in your area who would be willing to donate a piece of their work to your group, you could auction off these items and keep the proceeds as a part of your fundraiser. This idea can have a lot of different options and opportunities, so have fun with it!

Host a series of films and charge admission. These can be older films, newer films, or even films created by local residents. It is up to you to decide what your audiences might like best. You can also increase your profits by selling concessions during the festival.

4 Tools To Make Your Event Run Smoothly [Guest post]

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Author Bio: Jonathan heads up the marketing for Virtual Venue Visit, an online venue finder, and regularly blogs with advice and tips for event professionals.

Running an event can be time-consuming and stressful. From planning, to managing on the day and wrapping up following the event close, with so many balls to juggle at once it is a wonder that everything gets done. However the last few years have seen the rise of numerous tools that can be invaluable weapons in an event manager’s arsenal. Here’s a run down of five great tools to help make your next event run smoothly.

1. Eventzilla

Eventzilla allows you to sell tickets and manage attendees and registrations all in one online platform.  It also has functionality to integrate with a number of social platforms allowing easy promotion of your upcoming event. A great ready to use event registration solution that can save you time and money.

2. Virtual Venue Visit

Finding a venue for your event can be time consuming, taking days out of the office to scope potential event spaces. Virtual Venue Visit hosts video tours of major venues, allowing you to get a great perspective on a venue’s rooms and facilities without even leaving the office.

3. Ustream

What to do when potential attendees are based distances too far away to make your event? A decade ago this would have been a problem that couldn’t be solved. Now, with increasing levels of bandwidth online, live streaming is a feasible option and a great way to spread your content further afield. Ustream allows you to stream your event online for free and also allows viewers to interact with your video through social recommendations.

4. Slideshare

If your event utilizes presentations and speakers, then Slideshare is a tool that allows you to gather all these presentations in one place and invite attendees to view after the event. This is a great way to cement the knowledge sharing that was taking place during your event and extend the attendee experience beyond the event.