5 Tips to Sell More Tickets and Engage Attendees

Event planning has evolved significantly over the past decade, making it easier than ever to market events and sell tickets online. With hectic schedules, constant meetings, and managing attendees, anything that simplifies the process of creating and executing an event can make the experience better for you and for those in attendance. The following tips can help you boost your online ticket sales and engage virtual attendees.

1. Promote on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

It’s important to get on social media platforms as soon as possible. Social media is the best way to bring in new customers through targeted advertisements. Choose the platforms that have the best target audiences. Is the event business oriented? Focus the most attention on LinkedIn. Is it more social? Focus on Facebook. Is it a musical event? Spend more time on Twitter and Myspace. Make sure that your event can easily be shared on social media to gain more attention.

2. Create Engaging Content for Email Marketing and Event Pages

Every image, video, and piece of written content is important to set the right expectations. In order to keep interested and prospective attendees from turning away, and to pull existing attendees back in, you need to have engaging content. This doesn’t mean you should clutter your emails and pages with images. Each piece needs to set the right expectations.

3. Simplify and Optimize Online Registration

The less time it takes to complete the registration and ordering process, the more tickets will get sold. Using online ticketing software, like what’s offered through Eventzilla, can streamline this process. By working with a number of different payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, and WePay, selling tickets online is quick and easy. Eventzilla also optimizes the online registration process for mobile devices so prospective attendees can purchase tickets right away, no matter where they are.

4. Make Pricing Competitive and Offer Deals

The best way to create a sense of urgency is to put tiered prices on ticket sales. Offer reduced prices for tickets sold early and increase the amount as the event draws closer. This makes customers act faster to get a better deal. Put emphasis on the fact that there is only a limited amount of tickets, and that they’ll sell out quickly.

5. Focus on the ROI

Getting the most out of your investments is imperative. You may have a specific budget for the event, so you need to save money where you can. At Eventzilla, there are no downloads, no setup fees, no monthly fees, and it’s free to list your event. You can take care of multiple planning needs including making surveys, creating discount codes, setting up a waiting list, utilizing mobile check-ins, and much more with our online registration and ticketing application. Using an all-in-one system will increase the return on your investment and take the stress out of planning.

Eventzilla Team

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