8 Common Misconceptions about Event Marketing

1. Long-Term Planning Isn’t Needed

If you want to have a successful event, start your calendar early.  This ensures that costs are kept down by not incurring “rush fees” and allows you to make decisions that are smart and effective.

2. Planning the Event from Within is Good Enough

Hiring an event manager will ensure that you are not so far deep in last minute details that you miss out on opportunities to promote from within the event.  Hiring an “event prof” will allow their expertise to keep the purpose of the event intact.

3. Social Media is Not Needed

Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter, is a prime opportunity to get the word out to a large amount of people quickly.  By creating excitement about the event through well written posts, you can continually keep interest in your event.

4. Mobile Websites are Difficult to Build

By using the services on an online event provider, building a mobile website for your event is now as easy as 1-2-3. Using the services of a team of experts provides expertise in design and a wide variety of services, such as online ticketing software and back-end analytics, easy.

5. An Online Provider Isn’t Personable

Nothing can take the place of good old-fashioned face-to-face communication, but when you are planning a large event, the down and dirty details of event registration, ticket sales and location details can take up the majority of event planning.  By having this service online, it allows you to focus on reaching potential attendees by being personable and persuasive.

6. Sending Emails is Out-of-Date

Email is another valuable tool to spread the word of your event to a large group of people quickly. And, if you’ve built a database, you can send an email out to a specific group of people you want to target for your event.

7. Getting Attendees to the Event is All I Need

Once you gain attendees, you must be able to keep them at the event. Book a popular speaker/singer, plan a dinner or create “an event within the event” to allow people to remain engaged once the event begins.

8. Attendees Will Remember Our Name After the Event

They will only if you allow them to. By using event registration software, not only does it further build your database, but also allows you to easily send a “thank you” to attendees to get your name and/or product in front of them again.

Eventzilla Team

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