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Virtual events: 4 Tips to create a great attendee experience

With COVID-19 and safety protocols like stay-at-home are still around, virtual events have eventually become imperative for event planners to keep things going. Although it might be a daunting task for first-time virtual event planners, there are many virtual event management platforms to make things easy for them.

However, event planners have to change their way of doing things to make their virtual event successful. Especially, when it comes to creating a great attendee experience. In this article, we’re going to walk you through some best strategies and ideas to enhance the attendee experience at your virtual event. 

Captivating content

To create the best experience for your virtual audience, you’ve to create compelling content that keeps them engaged during your live session. Instead of adding a lot of sales pitches, you must make your content useful to the attendees. In short, your attendees should feel that your content is worth their time. 

Real-time interaction

When it comes to hosting virtual events, boosting the interaction is a key thing for every event planner. While scripting your webinar or livestream content, you must decide where you want to interact with your audience. You can plan Q&As, polls, live chat, and surveys during or after your session end. Apart from it, encouraging attendee-to-attendee interaction is also one of the best ways to create the attendee experience. To make things easier, choose any virtual event platforms that offer these features. 

Easy to use virtual event platform

Choosing the right virtual event platform is one of the most important aspects that you must be keen on. Always ensure that a webinar or live stream platform that you choose meets your event requirements. Also, it must be comfortable to use for both you and your attendees. If the platform is more complicated then there is a high chance that your attendees might leave before your session ends. 

Virtual gifting

This is yet another best idea when it comes to enhancing the attendee experience. Besides, virtual gifting also creates the best impression for your brand. Some of the best virtual gifting ideas include digital goodie bags, food delivery coupons, video streaming vouchers, E-books, digital courses, and more. 

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