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A guide to networking at hybrid events

With hybrid events gaining popularity in recent times, it has become pivotal for event planners to adapt to this new normal soon to make their events successful. Especially, creating a great networking experience is crucial when it comes to hosting hybrid events. However, it’s a challenging task for event planners to connect both their virtual and in-person audiences. 

In this write-up, we’re bringing some of the best ideas and tips to create an amazing networking experience at your hybrid event.

Create a plan

Before your hybrid event, you must come up with the right plan by brainstorming with your event team to enhance attendee networking. You can also do some research online to find out some recently hosted hybrid events to gather some extra information. Besides, you must also plan your event content by adding some networking elements to it. 

Create a connectivity hub

The foremost thing to plan ahead of your hybrid event is to find the best way to connect all your attendees in one centralized place. You can choose hybrid event platforms like Eventzilla that allow you to make interaction easy for attendees during the event. Apart from interacting, the platform also allows you to create polls and surveys for your attendees to make your event more engaging.

Other advantages of hybrid event platform include

  • Send reminder emails and event update notifications for all your attendees
  • Creating an event landing page to promote your event
  • Mobile event app to boost attendee engagement

Apart from these, the platform offers tons of other features.

Add remote attendees to breakout rooms

If your event has breakout room sessions, you can also let your virtual attendees access it using a virtual event platform, suggests Ga.-based marketing consultant Stephan Baldwin. “The virtual attendees can either be a group or interspersed with the in-person groups. Make sure that the venue has the hardware and technology needed for virtual attendees to participate meaningfully and successfully,” he says.

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