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Top 11 Creative Event Ideas for Your Next Corporate Outing

Keeping employees engaged around the office has become essential to corporate culture due to increasing numbers of turnover rates. This facilitates bonding with your staff members, reducing stress in the office, and allowing them to go to know each other outside the office.

So what are the best kinds of events to arrange? Here are 11 creative event ideas that you may try out on your next corporate outing.

1. What’s My Name

This game doesn’t encourage much competitiveness but it’s an empathy builder, which is an essential ingredient in the company. It gives team members a chance to feel how it would be like to be treated like another person other than themselves.

To play the game, you need sticky notes or printed name badges with different names of people (alive or dead). After every team member has a name, they’re treated like the name on their sticker note.

You can go the extra mile, where team members ask each other questions related to each other’s personal life until they reveal the real identity.

2. Cook-Off Competition Among Team Members

This is a team-building opportunity that could end up as a disaster or a delicacy (either way is fine). Divide your staff members into small groups and challenge them to make something delicious. It could be any food category from pizza, salsa to ice cream.

One fun twist could be adding one ingredient that every team should add, such as Oreo or syrup. You could ask each team to be creative with the shape of the food. This is one of the creative events ideas that enhance cooperation, critical thinking, and competitive spirit among team members.

3. Two Truths and a Lie

This is among the cheapest creative event ideas for corporate building. This great ice breaker activity helps team members to bond and get to know each other. 

Staff members sit in a circle, and one by one, they stand and introduce themselves by name. Besides the name, they say two truths about themselves and one lie. It’s up to the other team members to determine which statement is a lie.

4. Karaoke Night

With the serious corporate world atmosphere and family activities, many corporate workers never get a chance to break from their shell and have a little fun. A karaoke night comes in handy in helping staff members loosen out a little. 

You can make the creative event competitive by awarding the team that performs best. To spice out the activity a little, you can award more points for any costumes.

5. The “Suddenly Story”

If you’re looking for creative event ideas that will cheer up your team members, then the “suddenly” story is a good choice. Arrange your staff members into a circle, and choose any three words to start you off.

The next person in the circle should continue with the story and end with, suddenly, where the next person pick-ups the story. This makes sure that the direction of the story keeps changing. The game stirs laughter and boosts the creativity of team building on developing ideas that were not initially theirs.

6. Go Kart Racing

Nothing bonds department than having to compete against another unit. Organize kart racing where different divisions can race against each other. You can even have simple gifts for the winning team.

If you decide to go for this idea, make sure everyone attends the safety lecture to avoid any injuries.

7. Improv Workshop

Improv events are fun and interactive activities. They allow your employees to learn creative communication skills and other soft skills such as trust and focus. 

Depending on your budget, you can hire professionals to run competitive, face-paced games or play improv games with your team.

8. Professional Development Workshop

If you are looking for creative event ideas that contribute to the growth of your employees as they bond, then this will work for you. Offer a shared learning experience at a conference or an off-site personal development workshop.

The session can either involve something related to the job posts of staff members. Or something extra like negotiation and leadership skills.

9. Jig-saw Puzzle Race

This is another simple corporate event idea that can help trigger critical thinking and help team members to bond. All you need is a couple of similar puzzles. Make sure the puzzle size is appropriate for the number of divided groups. 

For example, a 1000 puzzle might be a little much for five people. Divide your staff members into groups and let them compete. 

Be sure to have prizes for the winning team.

10. Room Escape Games

Escape rooms have risen in popularity in the past couple of years- and for good reason. They facilitate cooperation, leadership, patience, and critical thinking.

Hire an event planner to find a place and organize a building escape setup. You can also take everyone out to an escape room in the area. 

Staff members are locked in a room or building and have to find clues to help them escape. This could take a lot of time, which encourages team bonding. The team that gets it right first gets an award.

11. Paint with a Twist

If you want to offer your employees a very chill evening of art and fun then a Paint with a Twist event is a perfect choice. These beginner workshops are typically run by an expert artist that help you paint beautiful pictures through step by step instruction.

The “twist” part comes from the fact that you’ll be drinking during the time. Typically it’s BYOB and wine is allowed. Consider finding an artist around the office that wouldn’t mind running a DIY version of the event for staff.

Looking for Some Creative Event Ideas for Your Office?

The monotony in the office can lead to boredom, killing the morale of staff members leading to low productivity levels. If you sense this is happening, organize regular outing activities for your team members to re-energize.

Team building activities also nurture cooperation, bonding, and competition among staff members.

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