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How to Create Attendee Name Badges for an Event in Minutes?

While organizing an event, creating name badges for attendees is certainly a daunting task for event organizers like you amidst your busy schedule. This tiring process involves designing the badge that suits your brand, choosing the text and formats that fit every name badge. It doesn’t stop there. Later, it will take extra time for ordering, printing, and delivery. So, this is quite a burdensome process and time-consuming.

Name badge printing is no more a hassle. With Eventzilla’s free name badge creation tool you can generate professional name badges within minutes by yourself. No designing skills required to create a badge via Eventzilla, as the tool is super easy to use. Besides, you can print unlimited name badges for Free.

Creating Name Badges has never been this Easy Before

Eventzilla is the all-in-one event management and marketing software that helps you to centralize all your event tasks in one place. All you have to print name badges for your event is to create an event registration website using Eventzilla’s event website builder and set a payment method to accept registrations. Eventually, this will help you sync all the information (attendee name, ticket type, QR code, logo, etc) that you need for creating name badge to your Eventzilla’s event registration dashboard.

Further, the event software offers you the pre-built professional templates for you to choose from. With everything readily available to create name badges, you just have to add the information, review and send them to your printer. So, no more waiting for the third-party printing service providers to deliver your attendee name badges.

Print Name Badges in More Customized Way

ick any of the pre-built name badge templates and add a logo, QR code, event title, attendee details which include name, company name, job title, etc. To get this done, you just have to import attendee details from your event registration dashboard. You can customize the details as per your requirements.

Print Name Badges Anytime

Waiting till the event day to print attendee name badges could be stressful. With Eventzilla, you can keep your name badges ready before your event to make the check-in process easier for your attendees who had registered for your event via the event registration page. Apart from it, Eventzilla offers onsite solutions for you to print name badges onsite for attendees who walk in for your event. Therefore, you can extend registrations till the event day to sell more tickets. 

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