Recent technology trends in Event Management

iStock_000009648196XSmallNow the event attendees can ask questions to the speaker via tweets or Facebook comments real time during an event. With the world tweeting away night and day, there is no doubt that technology has changed our life completely. And this change is not limited to the World Wide Web either; it is fast percolating to the other activities and business spheres as well.  As the gadgetry world over goes through a makeshift each day, so do the businesses associated. Here we have a look at some of the technological trends and innovations that are changing the way we think about events and event management.

The FIFA World Cup this year was a lot of fun for us. And we are not talking about football. Our excitement was because of this cool application that had been created especially for the World Cup that highlighted the real time schedule of the games and results as they took place. This event alerted us to the huge potential that has hardly been scratched. An event application speaks volumes about the planner’s commitment to the event and excites the attendees equally.

The Stage Show

The drastic improvements in the Audio-Video equipments, staging and lighting instruments have made sure that you need to make your event stand out. No more can you pass off an event with just a great speaker. Even with the best of the content and ingredients, you need to upgrade the stage show to make sure that the attendees are left wonder struck. The advancements though, have made sure that this does not become a Herculean task. So, the next time you are planning an event, make sure that you ‘light’ out the event.

Live Meetings

The barriers have been stomped down and the walls have fallen.  Technology has made sure that geographical impediments no more stop you from attending an event half way round the world. The webinars and live meetings are the newest venues for events the world over. Planners and event managers are going all out to accommodate their eager attendees, wherever they may be.

The Social Explosion

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have completely altered the way we think about event promotion.  Letters are antiquated and emails outdated. Nowadays, you ‘tweet’ and ‘poke’ your way around the events. From creating a fan page to a social group, there are numerous ways to announce your event to the world. And more importantly, like everything else, you get to reach out to your target audience around the world in real time. Discuss the event, highlights and all that excites you even before the event takes place.

Mobiles Applications

With the advent of the iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys, smart phone applications have become the next-gen platform for event management. From charting an event to locating it on the map, you can do it all on your mobile.  Mobile Apps nowadays have become advanced enough to take care of almost all your needs and it was time you acknowledged this. The sooner we realize the future role of smart phone apps, the better it will be for our business.

Online Event Registration Apps – Just for you!!

Recently – online registration for events has taken the center stage with a lot of small players like Eventzilla.  It is simple to setup custom registration forms, promote on Facebook, send email invitations and manage cancellations in one place. Event attendees can register online and make secure online payments.

Technology is rapidly changing the way events are organized around the world. The question is; Are you a part of that change?

Eventzilla Team

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