Promoting your event – The Social Way

Be it your neighborhood get-together or a big gala party, you cannot deny that the success or failure of any event depends on the way it is promoted. You don’t really need to go to an event to know what its outcome would be for the organizers. And what better way to promote your event than the latest fad in the world of socialization. Welcome to event promotion, the social way. The social bookmarking websites are an immense potential that can be tapped into, to create the buzz for your event long before it starts.

So, where do we begin? Well, the first thing is to make a presence on the social bookmarking sites that matter. Needless to say, Facebook and Twitter top the list as the prime targets.

These sites have been designed to keep people in touch and that’s how we should use them.

Facebook Facebook: A lot of people would prefer creating a group on Facebook for the events but we believe that a page solely dedicated to your event would rather be much more helpful. Why? Well, simply because, everytime its updated, the feed would reach all the interested parties and keep them engaged about the event.
Twitter is one of the best sources for an event promotion. This is because, you can use twitter to create a buzz, anticipation and excitement about your event even before it gets going. Keep the people posted on the latest developments and let them know more about it. Remember, keep giving them interesting facts and they would be waiting for the show, eagerly!

Keep in touch

  • Stay in touch with your audience. Create an event mail list so that you can pass on the happenings to one and all immediately.
  • Create a blog for the event and share your preparations for the event with your people. Be passionate about it, talk on forums, chat with them and understand what they are expecting from you and the event.
  • Use the bookmarking widgets like ‘Tweet this’ and ‘Send to a friend’ to spread the event-mania as much as you can.

Share it all

  • Share pictures and videos of the event and everything that matters on Flickr, Facebook, Youtube channels.
  • Live Streaming! Everyone may not be able to reach the event. Give them a chance to watch from home.

Eventzilla Team

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