Measuring the success of an event

iStock_000009482545XSmallHosted a successful event? Great. Give yourself a break now. Go and celebrate with your team(after paying the Bills, ofcourse!). But once we are done with the partying, it’s back to business.It’s time to analyze the event and find out the areas that need improvement for the upcoming event.

Analyze the Event

This is the most important step once the event is done. We need to evaluate if the output from theevent was according to the expectations. If it wasn’t, where did we lack and even if it was, thereis always scope for improvement, isn’t there? Here are some suggestions that can help you measure the success of your event.

There may be many parameters to judge the success of an event.

1. Customer satisfaction
2. Budget for the event
3. Turnout for the event
4.Number of potential business leads

One of the important ones is the customer satisfaction. If your event attendees are satisfied – analyze the factors that will help fixing this problem in future. Make sure you follow-up with your event attendees with simple surveys to collect their feedback. You can also use online event registration tools like Eventzilla to send them discount codes for future events.
Budget: Add up the tangible as well as intangible benefits and outcomes from the event and compare that to the expenditure.While a profit or loss may not be your biggest concern, it is an imperative aspect for any event planner.

Turnout: Compare the turnout for the event to the number of people who had been invited. If there’s a shortfall, look back at the planning process and try to find out the weak areas.

Assess your marketing campaign and then analyze whether the turnout was as per the marketing done. There are new tools in the market to measure the social media marketing success and if the number of attendees were less, it’s time to re-design the marketing strategy.

Potential business leads: Analyze the number of leads for your business vs planned target number of leads expected out of this event.

Last but not least – create a lessons learned plan and share it with your event management team. Consider using online event registration software products like Eventzilla to setup and track event registrations for upcoming events.

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