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Generate pre-event hype with these event marketing ideas

To achieve your event registration goals, you must let your potential audience know that the event is happening. Thus, it’s vital to implement an effective event marketing strategy to create a great pre-event hype that lets you sell your event tickets faster. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to break your event budget for promotions. With some best event marketing strategies and creative ideas, you get attendees to register for your event. In this blog post, we are sharing with you some of those ideas to help you out. 

Create a hashtag for your event

When it comes to event promotion, creating a catchy hashtag relevant to your event is so crucial. This is the best way to communicate with your potential audience and stay in the conversation with them. These hashtags also help you to create a buzz around your event on social media and create a good brand impression. Apart from promoting, you can also engage your attendees during the event by creating a Q&A session with them using this hashtag in the conversation. 

Landing page for registration

To achieve your online event marketing goals, you must make sure that you create a captivative landing page to impress your target audience. Ensure that your event landing page is mobile-friendly so that you don’t miss out to get registrations from any device. 

Apart from adding topic, location, speaker info, date, and time, it’s good to post an agenda telling people how attending your event can help them. This way, you get more conversions for your event. Likewise, you can also add some images and videos to your event page to make it look even more attractive. 

Early bird registration offer

If you want to achieve your event registration goals faster, creating an early bird registration offer for registrants is certainly the best way to go. As it incentivizes people, you will get a lot of early sign-ups for your event. To create more buzz, you can make this a limited offer by setting up an end date and time to avail of the offer. Particularly, don’t forget to showcase this early bird registration information on your event website and social media channels.

Want to set up an early bird registration discount for your event? Try out Eventzilla.

Banners around the event location

To create good awareness about your upcoming event among people living in and around your event venue, it’s ideal to create some attractive banners and signboards and display them in the right places. 

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