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4 Must-have event app features to engage attendees

The success of an event is not determined only by the number of tickets sold out, it also depends on how you engage your attendees. If your event is more interactive and engaging, your attendees will get impressed and show a great interest in attending your upcoming events. However, it’s not an easy task to add engaging elements to your event without leveraging the event technology. This is where it comes in handy to have an even mobile app. 

With an event mobile app, you get access to some key interactive features that help you to build engagement at your event. 

Here we list out some must-have features that your attendees will love in the mobile event app;

Attendee-to-attendee private chat

One of the best ways to boost networking at your event is by letting your attendees interact with each other. Also, most people would love to communicate with like-minded professionals, as well. Thus, it’s ideal to prefer an event app that offers the private chat feature. With hybrid events on the rise, this interactive feature helps event organizers like you to connect both your live and virtual audience from different parts of the world together.

Live Polling

Gone are those days when the conferences or other meetings were one-sided, where attendees just listened only to what speakers said and walked away with the key points shared with them during the event. Now, attendees are expecting events that are highly interactive and engaging. 

With live polling, speakers can engage their attendees in real-time during the event. Attendees can participate in these polls from the mobile event app and share their responses instantly. On the other hand, speakers can make their event more interactive by sharing this polling result on their screen live.

Event Surveys

This is yet another must-have feature in your mobile event app that helps you to indulge your attendees and keep them engaged. With an event survey feature, you can let your attendees share their valuable feedback related to your event. Also, this helps you understand your attendees’ preferences and get valuable insights to enhance your upcoming events. 

Besides, you can use this survey feature before, during, and after your event to get your required data from your attendees. For instance, you can customize your event by sending out surveys to your attendees asking them for their preferences or any special requests. 


This is the mobile event app feature that your attendees will love to have, as it adds fun to the event. With this feature, you can create social rewards, prize contests, and other engaging activities at your event. 

Ragavendhar Mohan

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