Email Marketing is Not Dead

You might think that in today’s fast-paced world of social media, that email marketing isn’t really a viable option any longer. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn then that not only is it not dead, but it is very much alive and well, and can be useful for event planning.

When used effectively email marketing can help you do the following things:

1 – Target groups
Not everyone is going to need (or want) the same information about your event. Use email to target different groups of people and give each the information they desire.

2 – Customize messages
People like to think that you took the extra time to address your messages just for them, and with email this is often possible with just a little scripting by a web developer.

3 – Offer exclusives
It’s not exclusive if everyone knows about it! Send invites and offers to a select few using email as your courier.

4 – Provide links
Send people directly to your online event registration page using links in an email flyer or newsletter style message.

5 – New leads
Collect email addresses using your event ticketing software and send out follow-up emails with upsells or add-on services for your upcoming event. Offer a free tip or offer to make sure that the message isn’t discarded for being promotional.

Email can still be a very useful tool, so give it a try today!

Eventzilla Team

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