5 ways to measure & evaluate the success of events

The key to evaluating the success of an event is to act quickly. Begin the day the event has ended if possible. The longer you wait the “fuzzier” the details will become.

1.  Financial

Get your financial reports in order to see if you hit your goal, stayed within budget and minimized unexpected expenses.

2. Venue

Meet with your team and discuss the facilities, catering and other services received.

3. Marketing

Discuss how well your marketing material generated registrations.

4. Logistics

Review with your team how smoothly the registration process was as people arrived at the venue.

5. Challenges

List any obstacles encountered and discuss how they can be mitigated for the next event.

Evaluating success is a team effort requiring input from many people to get a clear picture of how well the overall event was received by the participants.

Eventzilla Team

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