5 ways interns can help you plan your next event

Interns can be extremely valuable members of your team when it comes to planning your next event. Never underestimate the power and potential of a workforce that is ready to work and eager to learn!

If your company has a few interns there are a variety of tasks that they can see to that will help with the planning and execution of your next event.

For example, an intern can help set up and maintain the website for your event. They can help to create a pleasing design that is also functional – they can integrate your online ticketing and event registration systems into the website in order to make purchases easier for those who visit the site. They can also monitor the website and the contact forms / email inboxes associated with it for customer feedback.

An intern can also be made responsible for sending out invitations to members of your target audience, key influencers, and others that you would like to invite to your event. This is something that they can do easily and it allows you to dedicate full-time team members to more important tasks.

Social media is very important for spreading the word about your event, and if you can find the right intern for the job you can let them manage your social presences before, during, and after the event. Be cautious with this move as things can go very wrong in just an instant, with real-time reactions when social media is involved. Make sure the person in charge is someone capable that you trust with the image and reputation of your business.

Interns are also paid less than permanent employees, if they are even paid at all. This makes adding a few interns to your company roster might help you delegate tasks and accomplish things more quickly while planning your next event without lightening your wallet too much!

Eventzilla Team

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