5 tips to use Vine to tell a story at your next event

Vine is a new iPhone app that is taking the social world by storm. Owned by Twitter, Vine allows users to make 6-second videos about anything their hearts desire. Think of Vine as a video version of Instagram; short, sweet, and to the point.

One of the unique features of Vine is the ability to start and stop recording only to pick back up and continue recording the same session with just a tap on your iPhone. This makes Vine videos ideal for presentations, demonstrations, and general step-by-step how-to type videos.

If you sell tickets online using online event registration software, why not use a Vine video to briefly explain the registration process to potential attendees? Conference registration could increase rapidly if you can find the right hook to draw people in, and a Vine video might be just the way to accomplish that goal.

Events don’t have to be boring with Vin e on the scene!

Here are 5 tips to bring a little life to your event with the help of this delightful video app:

1) Create quick summaries of panels and discussions
Because of the ease with which you can tweet a Vine video, you can create a snippet of whatever presentation or panel you are currently attending, tag it with the event hashtag, and give other attendees an idea of what’s going on before they even enter the room!

2) Highlight some of the best booths and demonstrations
If you have any sort of demonstrations, product booths, or similar areas where different brands are able to display their goods and services, Vine can definitely help you promote them with just a few taps on your smartphone’s screen.

3) Recognize someone special
If someone at your event deserves to be recognized for their hard work either formally or informally, Vine can help you show the whole world how special this person is with 6 seconds of footage and a shout-out to the Twitterverse.

4) Promote a contest or giveaway
Entice people to enter your drawing, silent auction, or other sort of contest or giveaway with a Vine video showcasing a few of the prizes that lucky attendees have the ability to win if they sign up now!

5) Go behind the scenes
Show people a side of your event that they might not otherwise get to see. Don’t reveal anything confidential of course, but instead give them a “making of” sneak peek into what goes on behind the curtain.

Eventzilla Team

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