3 key items to include on the event reminder email to attendees

When sending out reminder emails to the attendees of your next event it is important to remember that despite them going through the even registration process using your event marketing and registration software there is a good chance that they could forget something very important between the time they register and the big day of the event.

To help your attendees have the best possible experience, why not send them a brief reminder email the day before the event? Just to touch bases and confirm things with them – anything they might have forgotten can be refreshed in their memory and fresh when they attend the event the next day!

  1. Parking – Parking arrangements can be difficult to remember, especially on the spot the day before or the day of an event. Someone could arrive at your event and have no idea where or how to park. Some businesses will tow any vehicles parked on their property, so knowing where to go and what to do could save your attendees a lot of trouble in the long run which will only increase their satisfaction with your event overall.
  2. Check In – How should your attendees check in once they arrive at your event? Where do they need to go? Do you have a check in area outside of your venue, or inside the doors? Will you have tickets available at the event itself or should all tickets be purchased through your online ticketing system?
  3. Itinerary / Program – Especially useful could be a downloadable itinerary or program for your event. This will help remind people what is scheduled to go on, and allows them to plan accordingly. This is very important if you are allowing registration for individual lectures or seminars. Those who have registered for them would benefit greatly from having a list of dates, times, and locations of the possibilities.

The goal of sending an email at least 24 hours before your event is to help your attendees know what is going on, where they need to go, and what they need to do once they get there. Including information such as parking, check in, and an itinerary or program can also help your attendees know what they need to bring with them in terms of personal items, writing materials, a computer, and any money needed to eat or purchase things at the event which might only be available as cash sales.

Customer satisfaction is the most important figure in this equation, and a friendly reminder email can go a long way towards increasing this vital metric. Some people may not want or need a reminder email; they will more than likely just delete your email and be done with it. But for those people who were unsure of their strategy before they received your message might sigh in relief because they now know what’s going on and they can plan accordingly!

Eventzilla Team

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