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Common Struggles of Signing Up for Online Events & How to Assist Them?

Virtual events have significantly helped businesses drive engagement and revenue. But it has not been an easy ride for most of the people. The inherent issues related to online events remain the same. Still, companies have realized the importance of virtual events for their businesses and are now investing in quality online registration software for events. The problems related to virtual events can be solved by choosing a virtual event software that works best for the organizers and attendees. Online events are crucial for today’s globalized business environment as they allow businesses to reach out to attendees remotely all over the world.

In this blog, we have highlighted the common struggles of attendees who sign up for online events and ways to handle them. 

1. Attendee Engagement

Engagement is the main focus of online events. When attendees can focus longer, they frequently buy things or perform other desirable actions. On the other hand, many event planners either fail to create it or underestimate its power. Holding people’s attention post-COVID has become challenging as virtual event fatigue often occurs.

Unexpectedly high costs can result from low engagement for your company: you miss out on easy-to-capitalize opportunities; you receive less participation; you don’t get candid feedback from highly engaged audience members; and your customer retention declines, which limits the exchange of product knowledge.


The only solution to the need for more engagement is to be more engaging. Make the most of your online registration software for events and leverage built-in features that increase audience engagement. Live Q&A sessions, polling, surveys, and quizzes can be used to grow engagement and interactions. 

2. Technical expertise

Technical issues can hinder the success of a virtual event. Technical issues are hard to detect up until the event is live. The chances of technical issues are inherent in virtual events. Some common technical issues are as follows:

  1.  Inadequate visual and audio quality
  2. Problems with the internet connection
  3. Software and platform malfunctions
  4. Unusual user interfaces and impediments that hinder user experiences
  5. Failures in integration

These problems can be avoided by working with a tech support staff with significant technical expertise. Thus, keeping a plan B in addition to plan A is crucial for preventing technical difficulties.


Event organizers, moderators, and tech support must come together to tackle any event of technical difficulty. Some doable recommendations are:

  1. Prepare backup plans
  2. Perform troubleshooting for detectable issues
  3. Test equipments
  4. Select the right platform to conduct the event
  5. Use quality encryption methods.

3. Personalised networking

Creating connections and networks is one of the main objectives of virtual event marketing. However, building a relationship online can be challenging. Even though they are hundreds or thousands of kilometers away, you still need to engage the audience emotionally through a screen. It makes sense that a lot of event coordinators find it difficult.

Ineffective relationship-building restricts the consumer journey. You need to include solid relationship-building elements in your event if you want the highest levels of pleasure possible.


Relationship building can be facilitated by an online event registration tool that offers extensive communication functionalities. Before the webinar, you can allow participants to vote on subjects, and you can distribute Q&A forms to collect pertinent questions for the session’s conclusion. Utilizing these and other features can create more dynamic and engaging events that strengthen the connection between your brand and your audience.

4. Unclear objectives & long-term goals

Setting achievable objectives and long-term goals is essential if you aspire to have a successful virtual event. Your event will lack focus if you do not have achievable and measurable goals and objectives.


Build your events around your product or services. You design an experience for the attendees that teaches them fascinating new facts about the capabilities and applications of the product. When you have a well-defined goal, more attendees leave your event with a greater understanding and desire to buy your products.

5. Privacy and security

Problems with security and privacy can undermine your virtual event promotion and swiftly damage your brand.

Given that virtual event platform interfaces contain a great deal of sensitive and vital information, a successful phishing scam or other cyberattack can significantly negatively impact many aspects of your event and business operations. Following an attack, unauthorized access to your platform may also occur. This may result in virus spreading, live event disruptions, and other sabotage attempts.


One of the main duties of an online event registration tool is security.

Establish secure authentication and encryption first because they are the easiest to implement. Always remember to patch your software. Updates to event software typically involve security-related modifications. Sometimes, if you’ve ignored your security for too long, you might need to consider hiring an expert auditor.

A certain amount of attendee education can also be beneficial. Put kind reminders to create secure passwords and stay away from dubious links could come in handy.

6. Difficulties with Integration

Integration improves efficiency, lowers mistake rates, and converts multiple data sources into valuable insights. Many event managers utilize separate platforms for email lists, video conferencing, landing sites, and other standard tasks. This takes longer and raises the possibility of expensive mistakes.


All tasks required to organize, promote, and oversee the event from inception to post-event participant assistance are combined into a single event management challenge. Business processes can be made more efficient from beginning to end with just one license, one log-in, and one support and training staff. Choose suitable online registration software for events that allow smooth and effective integrations.

7. Selecting the wrong platform:

Everything else is out of your control and is determined by the platform you utilize for your virtual events. Even with the most excellent presenters, purchases, and last-minute preparations, an inadequate platform will cause many issues, including poor audio and video quality, difficult navigation, a lackluster experience for attendees, software crashes, confusing user interfaces, and other related problems.

You’ll thus lose out on many possibilities, receive bad reviews, and see a decline in your brand’s reputation. Your virtual event platform is the center of your event strategy, where you organize and arrange everything. 


Look into other virtual event systems, observe live demos, and make notes. After that, join up for a couple of free trials to test your options inside your current setup. Making a choice that will pay you back tenfold may be laborious, but the effort is worthwhile. Eventzilla features a host of tools to optimize your event management experience. We aspire to make event marketing and registration as seamless as possible. 

8. Lack of understanding of analytics

Built-in analytics that concentrate on parameters that increase virtual event ROI are present in all modern virtual event systems. Event metrics allow you to gather various information that may be used to inform critical decisions. Also, you can choose which metrics to gather in order to focus on particular data points and market groups.


Establish your virtual event objectives as early in the planning process as possible. These objectives form the stepping stone of your online gathering, acting as rules. It all comes down to achieving those KPIs.

Conquer Virtual event challenges with Eventzilla:

Virtual events are more appealing than physical ones. They provide several benefits. They come with their challenges, too. Any difficulties listed in the blog above can ruin your virtual events, whether they are mostly technical or less obvious ones like low engagement.

The good news is that Eventzilla, your reliable online event registration tool, can resolve all those problems.

Eventzilla has developed a strong platform and made updates to it to address new and existing client issues. If unsure, schedule a demo to check whether the solution can support your objectives and virtual event marketing plan.

Vanitha Rajendran

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