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7 Simple Yet Unique Conference Registration Ideas to Get the Ball Rolling!

The registration process is the heart of any successful event. It ensures how many attendees you can expect and whether your show creates any buzz. Usually, brands think only providing a form link will make the prospects register, except it doesn’t. 

Irrespective of the amount of money and time you allocated for the marketing campaigns, not giving enough importance to event registration will make all efforts go in vain.

So, what should be on your priority list? Planning an outline to make the first step of every event a thrill ride. How? We’ll decode that in this blog.

As the goals and objectives of different events can differ, we’ve compiled a list of seven conference registration ideas that work for all of them. So, don’t skip any of these.

Make the Process Easy to Understand

The registration process shouldn’t look like a maze that confuses people along the way. Nobody likes to sit with a guidebook to fill out a form. So, try avoiding this.

Instead, you should offer step-by-step instructions on how to sign up quickly and what to do if a problem arises. For instance, you can use pop-ups to explain tricky sections or add a live chat feature. 

It will offer real-time assistance to the prospects, making the overall process seamless.

Offer Early Bird Bonuses

Ask any event organizer how they get the attention of attendees and make them click on the ‘Register Now’ button. Their answer will state a straightforward yet effective strategy, which is none other than discounts.

Everyone loves bonuses, so let them enjoy the freebies. Also, don’t shy away from exploring other options than ticket discounts. Some people would ditch 50% off for a 1:1 session with a key speaker. Or, you can give them exclusive access to the event content. 

In short, everything works.

This technique will keep the numbers up, making conference registration even more exciting.

Live Chat Options to Solve Real-time Queries

People can have various questions about your event. And making them wait for long means losing an attendee. 

On the other hand, adding a live chat feature will enable real-time query resolution so anyone can know important details about your conference. Whether they have a question related to pricing or other event details or are facing any technical issues while registering, a quick solution would enhance their experience.

You can use a chatbot feature or let a customer executive answer their concerns. Mostly, companies incorporate both of these, where AI initially answers basic queries, and they can talk to an expert for further assistance.

Put Social Media Profiles to use

Social media is a great way to promote your event. We all know it. But how we use different platforms makes all the difference. 

What should be your first move? Planning! Think about the content you want to create that leads to the conference. Put your research skills into use and find which hashtags define you the best. 

You can also use these trends to interact with your audience. For example– using the #weekendmood and #weekendfun to share a behind-the-scenes picture or video clip on social accounts will create a buzz around your event.

Therefore, be active on your Instagram, YouTube, and X (earlier Twitter) to stay on top lists of your attendees.

Tshirts, Mugs, Notebooks – Design Customized Merch

Are you looking for a free conference registration marketing idea? Ask a designer to drop a creativity ball in the room. Find a ‘thing’ which you feel attendees will like. Is it a mug with your logo on it? Or a T-shirt that says– YES, the company/speaker did this? 

Get your website into action and start selling those.

Using this strategy turns your attendees into walking billboards. However, for virtual events, you have to be more convincing with CTAs that hook.

Use Games to Keep the Fun On

Have you encountered a spin-to-win game while signing up for an event online? If yes, use it to your event’s success. Though a conference may sometimes fall more on the formal side, it can increase the engagement rate.

If the game mentioned earlier doesn’t align with your brand strategy, create a trivia quiz game filled with questions that make the registrants think. It’ll make them curious, wondering ‘what more’ a live session from key speakers can offer, and thus register.

To make things more interesting, try offering discounts to people who win the game. Believe us, you’ll be amazed by the number of audience waiting for your event to begin.

Keep the Attendees Engaged with Suprise Giveaways

Imagine being a registrant to a business conference that keeps offering tidbits of information through surprising giveaways.

Sounds fun? Use this conference registration idea for your event. 

Whether you offer a sneak-peak of the speaker’s presentation, free downloadable booklet, or gift customized event Merchandise, all these will keep the attendees eagerly waiting for the conference. 

Doing this periodically will keep the registrants engaged and surprised with the giveaways and exclusive content teasers before the show begins.

Lastly, Have Clear CTAs!

The last thing that makes your event tickets sell quickly is having clear and compelling call-to-actions or CTAs. Your message should make the prospective attendees hook to your website, making them register for your event. 

For this, try using language that guides them towards an action, such as– Secure My Spot, Get Started, or Register Now. Make sure these are visible enough and stand out among other elements.

In short, putting efforts into making the registration process seamless and easier to navigate will help you increase the number of event attendees. Plus, you don’t have to do everything alone. You can take the help of a conference management tool that’ll keep things rolling from the sign-up process until the last. 

Using it, along with our team, is what you need to organize your next big conference, worry-free yet welcoming a full house on the final day.

Ragavendhar Mohan

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