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How to broadcast your event live using Ustream for free?

May 24th, 2011 by Eventzilla Team Leave a reply »

Hosting an event? Now you can use Ustream to broadcast event video LIVE to the world from a computer or iPhone in minutes.

Browser-based Web Broadcaster:

The easiest is the browser-based Web Broadcaster that uses Adobe’s Flash Player. For higher quality, use Ustream Producer (free), Ustream Producer Pro ($199), or Adobe’s Flash Media Live Encoder (free).

Broadcasting from your Mobile Device:

You may also broadcast from your mobile device, but those streams will be slower and lower quality, and not as robust as a wired connection. To start streaming using mobile phones – you can go to www.ustream.tv/mobile to reference currently supported handsets.

1. Creating an Ustream Account

Ustream accounts are free.
To sign up for an account visit: http://www.ustream.tv/
Click on the sign up link on the top right section of the page.


2. Creating a show

Click on the yellow “Create a show” button on the right side of the page. A box will appear in the middle of the page. Type the name of your event which you would like to host online, in the box provided to you. The name of the Event is recommended, so that it becomes easy for your event to be found and viewed easily. Once you have created a channel, you may not change the URL. Please note that changing the name of your show will not change the URL.

Now, click the yellow “Create” button.


Select what type of event to be broadcasted on the “Show Info” page. Type the key words related to the event — such as the event’s name, event organisers name, the genre of the event and key texts or themes related to the event — in the “Show Tags” box and add an overview of the event in the “About” box, so that your attendees can easily find your video on the website.

3. Sharing the Ustream Video Link

Now, you have to email the link of your event to your clients and audience prior to the event broadcast so that they can have access to it. The URL will be http://www.ustream.tv/channel/[your event title here].

4. Setting up Cameras

Built-in webcams or USB-connected webcams – Apple, Sony, Dell, HP, and most modern laptops have built-in webcams. Once you have chosen what camera you will use, there are Ustream offers several options for taking your camera feed, encoding it and sending it to Ustream.

5. Broadcasting Live Video and Audio

Plug in your audio device prior to opening the Ustream broadcaster window. Select the show you want to broadcast and click the “Broadcast Now” button on your “My Shows” page or on the homepage. Select the audio device from the Audio Sources drop down menu.

Broadcast Console

6. Optimizing Video Quality

Use a wired internet connection to broadcast the video.
Make sure you have GOOD lighting.
Make sure you have a GOOD camera.
Make sure you close all other programs on your computer.

7. How to Embed a Ustream Player?

Go to the channel page, for example: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/<Eventname>. There you will see a tab that says Embed.  Click this to expose the embed codes.
The first line says “Embed the Live Video Anywhere!”  Click the button next to this that says “Copy Embed”

Images: Ustream.com

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