Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is Likely to be a “New Norm” at F2F Events

Owing to the global coronavirus pandemic, the event organizers have been forced to cancel or postpone their events. As a result, virtual events have become the new normal for event professionals across the world. They had to quickly change their way of approach and plan to move live events online. However, with the help of video streaming providers and event management technologies, they have managed to shift their live events to virtual with ease. 

But, face-to-face events are likely to be back soon once things become normal. According to industry experts, the number of in-person events is expected to improve from Oct 2020. So, event organizers need to prepare for the new norm of the post-COVID world. The first and foremost thing to focus on is public health. They have to find some best practices for keeping guests and employees safe. 

So, thermal imaging is certainly going to be one of those “new norms” at F2F events, as it helps to detect fever and common symptoms of COVID-19. These thermal imaging devices have already been used at places like airports, businesses, government sectors, and events in certain countries. 

What is Thermal Imaging?

It’s the thermal detection camera that helps to capture heat images and detect body temperature. With the coronavirus pandemic, thermal imaging devices have become the must-have thing in places where people gather. As a result, the demand for these devices has increased significantly in recent months. 

A key specification that an event planner should consider while purchasing this thermal detection camera is how many people that it scans at once. You can also get this device for rent. 

Advantages of using Thermal Imaging at Events

  • As this device detects the temperature of a group of people at once, there won’t be a slowdown at the entry points or check-ins .
  • Unlike the traditional methods of temperature-taking, thermal imaging ensures a non-contact approach to detect the temperature. So, it’s safe for both staff and attendees. 
  • A temperature gun or infrared thermometer takes the temperature from the head alone. But, thermal imaging scans the whole body or head. So there is no risk of error while detecting temperature. 

Check the below link to find some recommended thermal imaging cameras – https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/buying-guides/the-best-thermal-imaging-cameras-in-2020

Ragavendhar Mohan

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