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Top Reasons why Event Planners need an Event App

In this smartphone era, mobile applications have become the “must-have” ones in everyday life. Be it paying your bills or connecting to social media, mobile apps helps users to make their life easier. Likewise, event mobile apps have also evolved significantly in recent years. The demand for an event app has been high among the event professionals, as it can streamline the entire process of the event and engage attendees before, during and after the event.

If you are an event planner who still doesn’t use an event app, here’re top reasons why you should have one;

Creates a Great Attendee Experience

An event’s success depends on how the attendees felt about it. However, it’s certainly a difficult task for event professionals to manage both logistics and attendees at the same time. This is where these event apps come in handy for them to stay organized and deliver an amazing event experience for the attendees.

When it comes to hosting an event, registration is the foremost thing that all the event organizers would focus on. By using an event app, they can make this process smoother and offer a stress-free registration experience for the attendees. Further, it allows attendees to stay informed about the event in terms of schedule, speaker profiles, floor plans, sponsors, venue maps, etc.

Besides, the event app makes the check-in process easier for attendees. Instead of waiting in the long queue for check-in, they can just show the QR code in the e-ticket for check-in.

Supports Event Networking

While hosting an event, event networking plays a major role in engaging your attendees. These event apps come with a plethora of features that support event networking. Thus, the task of creating an engaging event experience becomes super easy for the event professions. Eventually, this results in better ROI.

Using the event app, attendees can interact with other participants via the private chat feature. Also, they can share media like photos, videos, files and post comments about the event.

Survey & Feedback

Collecting feedback or survey on how the attendees felt about the event helps organizers to create better attendee experiences in the future. With the help of event apps, event planners can collect information about what matters them the most using the event survey feature. To make this task even easier, some of the event apps offer pre-built questions to choose from. Also, it allows creating own questions that suit the event type.


To create a personalized event experience, it’s important to analyze the preferences of the event audience. Built with powerful analytics tools, these event apps benefit the event organizers by providing them insights on registrations, payments, check-ins & much more. Some of the apps allow users to integrate their google analytics account as well. Besides, these apps can be integrated with event organizers’ CRM to sync attendee data.

Ragavendhar Mohan

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