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Source Appropriate Content with Eventzilla Abstract Tool

While planning a conference or any corporate meetings, it’s a big challenge for event organizers to reach out to every speaker individually to collect their submissions and review them manually. They will have to go through hundreds of emails with attachments, which is certainly a difficult process and time-consuming. Therefore, opting out for abstract management software is the key to streamline this process and submit abstracts with ease.

Eventzilla Abstracts is the easy-to-use tool that offers end-to-end solutions when it comes to abstract submission. It’s designed in a way that helps event organizers like you to source appropriate content and speakers that your attendees deserve by simplifying the process of collecting submissions, reviewing and publishing the content.

Here’s how Eventzilla Abstract Tool helps to source speaker profiles;

Customizable Submission Forms to collect the Right Information

Asking the right questions to your speakers will help you to gather the appropriate information which your attendees would check before planning for your event. Our abstract tool helps you to get all your required information with a fully customizable submission form. This feature allows adding multiple custom questions to collect relevant content and speaker’s bios to create high-quality content for your attendees.

Easy Review Process

After you receive the submissions from the applicants you can assign those data to a reviewer from your team to filter speaker profiles that meet your event requirements. Our abstract tool allows your reviewers to give ratings and comments on each submission received from authors/speakers.

Publish on your Event Website

After the completion of the review process, you can pick the speaker profiles that would impress your event attendees. Now, you can start building an event agenda with sessions using these data from the speakers. Now, you can build an event agenda with the help of our event management software which is integrated with Eventzilla abstract tool.

Other key features of our abstract management software

  • Automated emails to speakers on accepting or rejecting their submissions
  • Mobile friendly – Applicants can upload and submit their information from any device.

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