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Here’s why you should leverage event surveys

Hosting an event is the best opportunity for businesses to reach their potential customers and expand their brand presence in the industry. With the rising competition in any industry, events certainly help organizations to stay ahead in the market. However, creating an event is not as easy as it may look. Whether it’s choosing an event venue, hiring an event speaker, or searching for sponsors, you must put in a lot of effort to deliver a great event. 

The best way to make your event successful is to find the exact needs of your target audience. This way, you can create the event content that your attendees will show interest in attending your event. So, event surveys are considered to be the best option to know your audience better by getting some valuable feedback from them. Eventually, these insights will help you to create a worthy content experience for your audience. 

Pre-event survey

As mentioned above, it’s so crucial to creating your event as per your potential audience’s demands. Thus, you can create pre-event survey questions for your target audience to understand their preferences and the solutions they are looking for. 

Here’re some tips for a pre-event survey

  • Try to learn what their pain points are to provide them with the right solution for your event. Also, ask people what topics they want to be discussed and their preferences when it comes to event speakers. You can even ask them to suggest a speaker of their choice. 
  • Ask their date and time that they would be comfortable attending your event. 
  • If your event is hybrid, ask whether they are interested in attending your in-person or virtual event. 
  • Apart from questions, you can also create survey polls on social media for your target audience to participate in. 
  • To know from which marketing campaign you’re getting more registrations for your event, you can ask your audience from where they came to know about your event. You can give options like Facebook, google, youtube, ad banners, etc. 

Survey during the event

Apart from delivering worthy content, you must also boost interaction during the event to create an engaging event experience for your attendees. So, you can conduct a live event survey for your attendees to participate in and keep the event lively. 

Here’re some tips;

  • Ask your attendees to share their feedback about the topics discussed so far. Instead of questions, you can create live polls to make it easier for attendees to answer.
  • Apart from content topics, you can also ask their opinions about food catering and the ambiance of your event venue.
  • You can make use of this opportunity to generate leads for your business.

Post-event survey

To determine the success of your event, you must create a post-event survey to know your attendees’ feedback about your event. You can ask whether your event speaker has matched your attendees’ expectations and request them to rate their overall event experience. This way, you can get some valuable insights and create better events in the future.

Ragavendhar Mohan

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