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Event management tips & tricks: A guide to using technology to your events advantage

After all of the time and effort that goes into planning, we all want our events to run smoothly and successfully. Other than making sure you have all of the details for an event itself in place, a major key to ensuring its success is through the event management. It’s not enough to just book a venue, hire some entertainment, and provide food. Everything must be seamless, from the ticket purchasing process to the swag your guests receive. Thankfully, modern technology serves as the ideal assistant we need to help us in the pursuit of a successful event. Here are a few ways you can use technology to your events’, and your own, advantage.

Event management is everything

In order to orchestrate an event to go off without a hitch, there is some serious management that needs to be going on in the background. Introducing an all-inclusive event management software from the very beginning is essential to success. 

Investing in an all-inclusive software means you have everything you need to plan your event and make it the best it can be. While some platforms only give you the option to sell tickets and promote your event, an all-inclusive tool will also allow you to streamline check-in, email attendees, and provides you with useful data that can be utilized for conscious improvement on future events. 

Having a successful event starts with good planning. Making the most of the technology available to you with an all-inclusive management platform will set you up for successful event execution. 

Keep guests plugged in

Let’s face it, our phones are our lives and no one likes going to or leaving an event with their phone battery low. If you go with a low battery you’ll be anxious that your phones going to die and you’ll miss something important. Leaving with a low battery could prevent you from getting the ride-share you need. Either way, not what you want guests preoccupied with at your event. 

This is why having standing charging stations available is a worthwhile investment. Your guests will be relieved to see them there and they encourage guests to share updates about your event on social media without fear of losing battery life. While it might not mean much to you, it’ll mean the world to the guest who needed the boost in charge.  

The sentiment is a huge factor in the success of an event. While a charging station might just seem like an added expense to some, for your guests it will show thoughtfulness and understanding. When they think back to your event, those are the feelings and details that will stand out, and make them more likely to attend another event of yours in the future. 

Automate FAQ’s

Your guests are inevitably going to have questions about your event before the big day arrives. While questions are encouraged and often a good sign that your guests are engaged and excited, it also takes some much needed time away from you and your employees who are still in the production stages of the event. 

Instead of allowing these questions, as good as they may be, to distract you and your team, implementing an automated digital workforce will help keep everyone on track. The digital workforce isn’t taking anything away from your team. Instead, it is a form of technological support meant to help them focus on more high-level tasks, while also providing guests with the high quality, efficient support they desire. 

So while you and your team are planning and organizing, you can rely on your digital workforce to handle guest support tasks, such a directional assistance booking inquiries. This way you all can stay focused and on task without having to stop what you’re doing to respond to messages with the same questions. 

Develop a virtual plan B 

If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected and always have a backup plan in place. We have seen countless events be canceled or repeatedly postponed. With the number of cases still high and the future of many events still uncertain, now is the perfect time for organizers to develop a plan B. 

Even though your event may not be what you originally envisioned, you can still host a successful virtual event. No one is going to fault you for taking their health and safety seriously by moving your event to a virtual setting. These are unprecedented times, and thus some additional creativity may be required. 

With so many people craving interaction with others outside their home, a virtual event gives them the chance. Moving forward, we should take this year as a learning experience and always have an alternative plan to utilize. Remember a virtual can be just as engaging and successful; it’s all in the planning. 

Ragavendhar Mohan

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