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Event Landing Page Mistakes: How to Avoid the Most Common Ones

event registration software

Developing a persuasive event landing page is a strategic operation. A well-executed landing page can increase your event registrations, but routine blunders can impede your progress. Let’s delve into some common pitfalls to sidestep when creating your event landing page:

  1. Vague Headlines and Subheadings:
    • Problem: Generic or confusing event headlines and subheadings that don’t accurately represent the event.
    • Solution: Make your headlines and subheadings catchy and concise, accurately reflecting the event’s essence. Misleading headlines might increase page visits, but they won’t convert visitors into attendees. For instance, instead of “Learn More at Our Event,” use “Unlock Business Growth Strategies at Our Annual Conference.”
  2. Incomplete Event Details:
    • Problem: Leaving out critical logistics such as the date, time, location, or virtual platform details.
    • Solution: Ensure all event details are thorough and easy to understand. For example, for a virtual event, clearly mention the time zone, platform (like Zoom or Google Meet), and any necessary login details.
  3. Inconspicuous Call to Action (CTA):
    • Problem: A hidden or unclear CTA can seriously affect your ticket sales.
    • Solution: Your CTA must be striking, strategically placed, and guide potential attendees effortlessly towards purchasing tickets. For example, use a vibrant color for your CTA button and place it above the fold for maximum visibility.
  4. Neglecting Speaker Profiles:
    • Problem: Underestimating the value of comprehensive speaker profiles.
    • Solution: Detailed profiles, complete with photos, brief bios, and the topics of their talks, can add credibility and entice attendees interested in those speakers. For instance, if you have a renowned keynote speaker, highlight their achievements and topic of discussion to entice your audience.
  5. Not Providing a Detailed Agenda:
    • Problem: Leaving out a clear breakdown of the event’s agenda.
    • Solution: Provide a comprehensive schedule, including session descriptions and networking opportunities. This gives potential attendees an overview of what they stand to gain from attending.
  6. Ignoring Testimonials and Reviews:
    • Problem: Overlooking the inclusion of positive testimonials and reviews from previous attendees.
    • Solution: Highlight favorable reviews and feedback to establish credibility and trust. As an example, use pull quotes from previous attendees that highlight the value of your event.
  7. Not Showcasing Sponsor Logos:
    • Problem: Failing to highlight the logos of your sponsors.
    • Solution: Showcase sponsor logos to enhance your event’s credibility and demonstrate the backing your event has from relevant organizations.
  8. Obscure Pricing Information:
    • Problem: Failing to be clear and transparent about ticket prices.
    • Solution: Clearly state the ticket prices, including any early bird discounts, group discounts, or different ticket tiers to avoid any confusion that may deter potential attendees.
  9. Lack of Contact Information:
    • Problem: Not providing a straightforward way for potential attendees to contact you.
    • Solution: Always include an email address or other contact methods to allow potential attendees to reach out with any questions.
  10. Missing FAQs:
    • Problem: Neglecting potential questions visitors might have about the event.
    • Solution: Anticipate these questions and provide clear answers on your landing page. This could include topics like refund policies, what’s included in the ticket price, and accommodation options.
  11. Neglecting Social Proof:
    • Problem: Forgetting to show off any media mentions or accolades.
    • Solution: If your event has been featured in any news outlets, blogs, or industry publications, display these mentions prominently on your landing page.
  12. Underutilizing Video Content:
    • Problem: Neglecting to use compelling video content about the event, speakers, or highlights from previous events.
    • Solution: Incorporate engaging videos that can give potential attendees a sneak peek into what they can expect from your event.
  13. Complicated Registration Process:
    • Problem: A complex registration process that deters potential attendees.
    • Solution: Simplify the registration process by using an easy-to-fill form integrated directly into the page. This could significantly increase conversions.
  14. Ignoring Social Media Sharing:
    • Problem: Not encouraging visitors to share your event on their social media platforms.
    • Solution: Include easily identifiable social media sharing buttons to increase your event’s visibility.

When designing your event landing page, provide clear, compelling, and complete information while avoiding the aforementioned pitfalls. Remember to use event registration software and event management software to optimize the user experience. Ultimately, your landing page should effortlessly demonstrate the unique experiences and substantial value your event brings to the table.

Eventzilla Team

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