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5 Ways to streamline your class registration & management

Whether you want to teach cooking, exercise, or business techniques, there are common proactive steps to take for your new venture that will streamline your class registration and management.


1. Use a Calendar To Encourage Repeat Customers 
It’s easy to facilitate loyalty to your classes with an easy to use and functional calendar that displays well on mobile. With a free event registration software such as Eventzilla, it is easy to set up a calendar widget that quickly sets up recurring events. Your event calendar can integrate into your website and have customized displays for day, week, and month.

2. Develop Your Curriculum Offerings
What do you want to teach? Are you interested in teaching one type of cooking technique or have your eyes set on developing a full-fledged cooking school? This will have implications on the frequency of classes, the facilities needed to teach the classes, and the amount of administrative work involved in managing the classes. Regardless of the frequency or size of your classes, event software can be an indispensable tool for your enterprise.

3. Mind the Marketing
Developing your marketing approach is a fundamental step of going into business and includes finding a name for your business, developing a logo, and creating a website and social media presence. Create continuity for all of your promotional venues by branding all of your communications with your name and logo both online and on business cards and brochures.

4. Integrate Technology
When it comes time to launch your class offerings, embeddable ticket widgets make marketing a snap. As the organizer of your classes, you can effortlessly embed ticket sales widgets on your blog, website, and social media. Reaching out to all of your online channels with your ticket widget makes it possible to have multiple registration locations for your classes.

5. Get the Word Out
Send your contacts a notification of your next class by importing their addresses into your event management system. A value-added registration and organization solution will allow you to accept class payments, give refunds, and in the case of a benefit, donate funds. Mobile check-in and automated event reminders are just two other ways event management software can benefit the small business entrepreneur.

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