5 Summer Fundraising Ideas

Summer is here, and it’s time to take a break from the event planning software and event ticketing software that we work will all year long and take the time to really get back to our communities. Even fundraising software shouldn’t be needed for these fun, easy ideas that will give even online fundraising a run for its money!

This idea focuses on collecting old electronics that are no longer needed and finding someone who will buy them from you once you have collected them. Anything from old cell phones to old computers can sometimes be turned into cash for your organization.

An event like this is often easy to organize and manage; each group brings a different sort of meal option to the table. A local business could cook and sell hamburgers and hot dogs, while another could sell treats and deserts. In the case of a cook off, chili, pie, and other foods are judged against one another. Revenues can vary based on your event type.

If there is a local sports team that regularly charges for games, you can ask if they would be willing to give you a portion of their sales for promoting their next game. You can also form a team made of local celebrities and challenge a similar team from another town and collect the proceeds from the event.

If there are artists and craftspeople in your area who would be willing to donate a piece of their work to your group, you could auction off these items and keep the proceeds as a part of your fundraiser. This idea can have a lot of different options and opportunities, so have fun with it!

Host a series of films and charge admission. These can be older films, newer films, or even films created by local residents. It is up to you to decide what your audiences might like best. You can also increase your profits by selling concessions during the festival.

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