5 Mistakes Event Planners Should Avoid

Even with technology and social media dictating how we organize and promote events, many an event planner can still be prone to underestimating the amount of time and work needed to create a successful event. Event management is both a delicate and fleeting process. Below are five mistakes to avoid when planning for an event.

1. Working in haste
No matter how busy your diary, start working on your event as early as possible, even if it’s just laying the groundwork. An occasion, whether small or big, can go berserk if you resort to last minute rush. Tiny issues can potentially ruin that corporate launch, birthday party, reunion, wedding, function or gala. Work on the event with due diligence to give your clients the best experience with your services.

2. Being uptight
Events should be fun moments, and as planners, you have no excuse not to enjoy and be happy with what you are doing. Have fun at work and let the clients feel the joy of what you do by giving them the best of your skills. Get in touch with your clients and get to know what they love. Identify the current trends in the market and how best to employ them to suit your business. Let your delivery reflect the passion you have for your work.

3. Overlooking the urgency of the work at hand
Strive to make every event successful once a client gives you the mandates to deliver. Get every detail concerning the occasion then create an event checklist on how you will transact everything. Arrange the list in order of complexity of the materials you will require. The big stuff should come fast on the list. Ensure you work within the schedule to ensure everything is in place.

4. Working alone
The excitement of organizing an event should not get so into your head that you become territorial with everything. Ask for assistance from members of your team, friends, and family. You come to realize that planning for an event is quite overwhelming and a helping hand is just what you need.

5. Not using technology 
Today, technology has led to sweeping improvements in the way we organize events. As a planner, there are numerous tools available you can employ to track your activities. For instance, an event registration software like the one we offer can increase attendance, reduce costs, and optimize the overall event planning process. To find out more, get in touch with us at Eventzilla.

Eventzilla Team

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