4 Giveaway ideas to Accelerate the Ticket Sales for your Next Event

Whether the nature of your event you’re planning is to promote a product or service, or if the event itself is your main product- you want to get your target demographic engaged early and to stay engaged after the event has passed.

Swag for its Own Sake
It’s no secret that merchandising is a proven way to boost revenue and to promote brand awareness at the same time. Getting your logo and brand image into the homes and minds of your customers is key to creating a culture around your brand that will guarantee ongoing sales. You want your customers to not only be willing to buy your products, but to associate your brand with a feeling of gratification.

If you can find a way to connect the act of registration with the promise of swag, you’re well on your way to assuring that your attendees associate your brand with quick gratification. Eventzilla can help you to coordinate your giveaway strategies with their event registration software in a seamless way that will feel natural and fun when attendees register.

The effect that a physical object with an embedded logo has is tremendously valuable because it is essentially a form of advertising. It’s nice when you can compel your audience to buy your  brand artifacts- it’s essentially the same as being paid to advertise. But, if you’re working to broaden your market or to establish your brand- free giveaways are a great way to get your message in the hands of your target audience- where it belongs.

Five Ways Giveaways Can Boost Your Sales
1. Raffle
Arranging for the tickets you sell online to tie in with a raffle game that will be completed at your event is a great way to both limit the cost of your prizes and to create a great deal of excitement around them.

2. Smartphone Case or wireless phone charger
The kind of freebies that are most worth your investment are the kind that your attendees will use. The more unique and fan-driven your event is, the better points of flare such as buttons and bracelets will work. If your event is more businesslike or formal, containers like a smart looking case can be perfect.

3. Free Downloads or free trail access for apps
Save yourself a whole lot of legwork and trunk space by offering free downloads and apps. Free downloads can be made to come when attendees use Eventzilla’s Online ticketing software.

4. T-Shirts
Even people who dislike t-shirts will occasionally throw one on. And if that t-shirt has your website’s logo on it, well- that’s free advertising.

Last but not least, people are getting used to getting swag. Free pens are nice, but if I get another cheap pen that dies in two days just so I can look at an ad, I will feel a bit put out. Tote bags and mouse pads are trite. Aim for an accessory to something that’s trendy- like an Smartphone cover.

Eventzilla Team

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