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11 Post-Event Survey Questions to Ask

For many businesses or groups, running an event is a great way to accomplish many different things in one fell swoop.

Running events can drum up new business opportunities to connecting with existing customers and generally raising awareness for your company brand, products and/or services.

However, the event itself is not the only important component. What you do once it is over can carry a great deal of importance. Yet, many people do not take the appropriate action post-event and let this golden opportunity to learn, pass them by.

Keep reading to learn the real route to event hosting success, and the power of post-event survey questions. 

1. What is Your Event Rating?

Starting off with a nice event rating out of ten is always a good way to go. When looking at post-event survey responses you can already start to get a feel for how things went just by looking at the first response.

Did your event wow the crowed or leave something to be desired?

It’s the key question to start things off but also a nice easy question to get people warmed up to thinking critically ahead of the questions still to come. 

2. How Did You Hear About This Event?

If you run an event, you must have promoted it in advance. Asking how people heard of you is a great way to understand what advertising streams and platforms worked and which ones did not. 

Knowing this will help you adjust your next efforts to make sure you capitalize on the best-performing methods.

3. Would You Attend Another One of Our Events?

A good yes or no question to round out the opening of your event survey.

This answer will not only tell you if people enjoyed the event but also those that would come back are more likely to put time into answering the remaining questions honestly. 

4. Did the Event Meet Your Expectations?

An event has a goal, and that goal should be clear. Setting expectations is vital if you want your event to be a success. Asking this outright as part of your event survey questions is a must.  

5. What was the Best Part of the Event?

To start getting more detailed answers an open question like this is a perfect choice. 

It gets people thinking and gives them the freedom to explain their answers with as much detail as they would like. Make sure to give enough room for answers, but avoid too much space as that can be daunting.

A lot of analytical data could be taken from this sort of question.

6. What Improvements Would You Suggest?

Perfection is not possible. We can always improve. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small ones. Often, they are all lost on those closest. 

Using your post-event survey questions to ask your attendees what they think can be improved gives you a critical look at things, and can provide a great and fresh perspective that you can take into your next event planning meeting. 

7. Will You Recommend Our Future Events to a Friend?

Personal recommendations from friends and family are one of the best ways to spread the word of your business, or your event planning prowess. The power of word of mouth is not to be overlooked.

If people are willing to tell others, then you know you are doing something right. 

Following a nice open-ended question, an easy yes or no post-event survey question is a nice idea. 

8. Was the Event Objective Clear From the Start

Another good yes or no question which can help you understand the success of your event. Was the objective clear? 

If people are coming to an event you have organized then you want them to understand why they are there and what they are likely to get out of it. Different from the earlier question about expectations, but equally important, placing this later in the survey is always a good idea.  

9. How Friendly Were the Event Staff?

Running an event is not a one-man job. You will have multiple helpers, from volunteers to staff. Keeping track of them during the event can be difficult, so using a post-event survey to get feedback is incredibly important. 

It can help in many ways from event staff numbers to behavioral changes or maybe extra training sessions. All feedback is valuable and this question might just be the most important one you can ask. 

10. Was the Event an Appropriate Length?

Gauging the right length for an event can be difficult. One topic or style needs more time than another. By taking an event survey you can get direct feedback on whether the event was long enough. 

This is a good question that can be left as a simple yes-no answer or you can follow up with a space for explanations. 

11. Would You Be Interested in Helping Us With Future Events?

A great way to close off any list of post-event survey questions is to ask if people are interested in helping out in the future. 

There are many different roles to play in the world of event planning and the more people you have willing to help out the better you can make your future events. 

Beyond that, this is also a nice gentle question to round off your event survey. 

Post Event Survey Questions Are a Growth and Improvement Gold Mine 

If you are willing to put in the effort to get out there, ask enough people the right post-event survey questions, and go through all the results—there are great levels of information that can be gleaned. 

The real trick is to not just read the answers but to read what lies beneath. Look at them as individual responses, and then from as many different angles as you can. The better you analyze the post-event survey responses the better positioned you will be to make successful changes for your next event. 

For more information and advice on being the best event planner, you can be, check out some of our other articles and resources today. We have everything you need to run a successful event, from selling tickets to checking in those that attend. 

Eventzilla Team

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